When it comes to the death of Canadian democracy, “never say die” is PM Justin Trudeau’s go-to attitude.

by Brad Salzberg


May 6, 2023

LONDON – “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Gov. Gen Mary Simon were among the dignitaries on hand as King Charles III was crowned at London’s Westminster Abbey on Saturday, marking the formal celebration of the start of his reign as King and his role as Canada’s head of state.”

Back in Canada this week, journalist John Ivison had some harsh words for the Trudeau government:

“Sources say the St. Edward’s Cross that has been part of the Coat of Arms since 1957 — and on a myriad of police and military badges across the country — will be replaced by what critics are calling the Trudeau Crown.”

“People who have seen the design say it replaces all Christian and religious symbols with maple leafs, snowflakes and stars, leading to claims that the Liberal government has politicized the symbol of the Crown and the Royal Coat of Arms.”

A wonderful microcosm it is. On the surface, Justin Trudeau’s strategists want Canadians to believe our PM maintains a modicum of respect for the British Crown.

Beneath the surface, Mr. Trudeau is taking steps to erode the relevance of the Canada’s connection to Britain. Additionally, the Liberals have made a move to erode Christian symbolism at it relates to Anglophone identity in Canada.

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