A Liberal-NDP-Media cabal are working a covert agenda to destroy Conservatism in Canada.

by Brad Salzberg


May 4, 2023

Throughout the past decade, political battles in our country have transitioned to a new platform. Unbeknownst to the people of Canada— away from the media spotlight— a tacit political attack is taking place.

In terms of federal politics, partisanship once existed in a binary condition: the Liberal Party of Canada versus the Conservative Party of Canada. The only other major player, the New Democratic Party, has never formed a federal government.

With the ascension of Justin Trudeau to his political throne in 2015 came a transition in political dynamics. Today, it’s no longer Liberals vs. Conservatives. Our post-modern political format runs along these lines:

Liberals/NDP/Canadian Media against the Conservative Party. As such, mainstream media can no longer be trusted to deliver objective political information. Sure, they’ll condemn Trudeau’s Liberals in terms of pragmatic policy– fiscal deficits, federal budgets et al.

But the holy grail of Liberal politics– the ideological, the woke machinations, climate change, immigration, multiculturalism, LGBT, abortion, euthanasia– forget about it.

Within this context, the province of Alberta stands as the woke warriors greatest adversary. So much so that a covert agenda of political conversion goes unrecognised:

The transition of Alberta to a Liberal province. Signs along the pathway include some curious examples. Naheed Nenshi as Mayor of Calgary for three terms straight. The appointment of his successor, Jyoti Gondek to continue the woke transition of the Liberal government’s nemesis province.

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