*Submissions to stop the proposed Food and Drugs Act changes must be submitted by Wednesday, April 26. Details below.

Dr. Susan Nathsheh, MD, and Judy Stinson, former CBC journalist, join us to sound the alarm on how the govt is putting Canadians at risk.

“In 2019 a backdoor to the Food and Drugs Act was created to reduce protective requirements in the safety approval process for Advanced Therapeutic Products. This created a fast-track framework known as the Advanced Therapeutic Products (ATP) Pathway for Big Pharma to rush novel potentially high-risk drugs to Canadians without first proving their safety and efficacy.”

Further proposed amendments to the Food and Drugs Act will put Canadians at even greater risk of harms from novel therapeutics, but Canadians can have a say in this quickly shifting balance between safe treatments and Big Pharma’s access to lucrative markets by submitting comments to the Canada Gazette, and Bruno Rodrigue, Executive Director, Office of Legislative and Regulatory Modernization, Health Products and Food Branch, Department of Health (email: lr*******************@hc***.ca) and your MP by Wednesday, April 26. (See below.)