It’s almost impossible to know even if your organic fruits and veggies are safe

by Krysten’s Kitchen

May 2, 2023

You can’t even trust buying organic produce anymore, thanks to The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Katy Perry and Oprah. There’s a new label on your produce, and it’s anything but ap”peel”ing. Apeel is a “plant-based protection that helps the produce you love stay fresh for longer”… or, in other words, a chemical coating put on your produce which you can’t wash off so it doesn’t brown or decompose in a normal amount of time. Exactly how old is that avocado

Unfortunately, if you think by choosing organic you’re good to go… think again. On their website they state, “We have formulations that are OMRI Listed® for the growers and distributors of USDA Certified Organic produce.” They say that it helps reduce plastic, which might be true… but what exactly is this coating made of? They state on their FAQs that there is only one ingredient, but then go on to say that it’s only composed of food-grade (multiple) ingredients made from “plant materials”.

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