(Justin Trudeau bows to the Iranian foreign minister, who looks positively thrilled.)

Iran tops the list of most racist countries as reported in a World Values Survey on global standards.

by Brad Salzberg


May 2, 2023

A new study conducted by the Policy Institute of King’s College London has investigated levels of racism within countries of the world.

“The 2023 report, which forms a section of the World Values Survey (WVS) compared 24 countries’ global standards of trust and acceptance towards people from other backgrounds.”

Number one on the list is Iran. Out of 24 nations included, Canada came in at #18. Placing these statistics within the context of government and media positioning in our country elicits a number of curiosities.

For example, why is it that Canadian media never reference studies of this nature? A report from the Washington Post says that the most racists countries in the world are:

1. India, 2. Lebanon, 3. Bahrain, 4. Libya, 5. Egypt.

A 2021 Open Doors report on the most anti-Christian nations in the world says that after North Korea, the most bigoted countries in this category are:

Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, Eritrea, Yemen, Iran, Nigeria.

Mainstream media in Canada say nothing of the sort. Meanwhile, our press hurl slings and arrows of racist accusations toward Canadians on a daily basis.

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  1. Canada is more anti-Christian than Iran will ever be. Sorry.
    – Iran doesn’t publicly denounce Christians as a threat to society, which has become a case with both emptyhead Trudeau and our indoctrination education system.
    – Iran has no problems promoting Christian events and holidays. I have seen some wonderful and beautiful setups promoting holidays like Christmas. They are not being defaced or destroyed by immigrants or the locals. You will never see that in Canada. Trying setting up a manger scene in downtown Toronto and count the number of minutes before some group destroys it. We’re only allowed to have this in the most private of circumstances, here.
    – Iran doesn’t pay 3rd parties to burn down churches like they do in Canada (The absence of investigation, charges or anything related to consequences for such actions should be pointing fingers towards our current tyranny).

    Sorry, but there is no way this is true. If Canada does all these things to Christians that Iran does not and Iran is ranked at #1, then we clearly belong in the #1 spot.