by Ricky Daytona
West Kelowna
May 1, 2023

Gonzalo Lira:

These are the reasons you should leave the West, be it the US or Europe, and never look back.

THERE IS NO DEMOCRACY: The political system does NOT represent the will of the people. Legitimate grievances and problems that affect the entire population are left unaddressed.

Policies are implemented that a majority do not want or support, such as illegal immigration, censorship, allowing monopolies to control all industries, extreme wealth disparities (the greatest in recorded history), etc.

There is no way for the people to be represented by government. Only those who have been pre-approved are allowed to enter the political system, which is dominated by moneyed- and ideological-interests. The political parties play games to distract voters, not solve problems.

If a politician actually tries to address serious issues, he is marginalized by his party and declared a “right-wing extremist”.

THERE IS NO FREE AND INDEPENDENT MEDIA: All legacy media are controlled propaganda arms of the government.

This happened as the government started surreptitiously supporting the legacy media, as their ad revenue disappeared because of social media. Now, all legacy mainstream media can only survive with government largess—so they only publish what’s government approved.


THERE IS NO FREE SPEECH: Anyone who says anything that even a microscopic minority doesn’t like is labeled as “hate speech” (never defined, just BAD), and so people are silenced by way of deplatforming. Now, the Biden administration is openly prosecuting meme makers!

“Free speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences!” decry those advocating for censoring “hate speech”.

But that’s EXACTLY what freedom of speech means.

Without free speech, the truth can never be said out loud. So you can never identify the problems—and solve them.

People become too afraid, and decide to shrug, not say anything, and pretend the problems aren’t real.

Which is what is happening: The serious problems are not being addressed, just ignored. We are amusing ourselves to death.

TERRIBLE EDUCATION: The education bestowed in schools and universities in the US and Europe are atrocious. Children finishing high-school without knowing how to read or do simple math. University students who can’t tell you what centuries Shakespeare lived—or who he was!

Education has become a way to enslave the minds of children, teaching them ideological lies and preventing them from thinking critically. And university education is a way to get an empty accreditation and (not incidentally) turn every student into a student loan debt slave.

And let’s not even talk about the rampant, insane ideologies being spread to children—even in pre-school!—that are corrosive to children’s psyche, and grotesque to anyone sane.

They can only take root among children and youths who have not been taught to think critically.

RACIAL/ETHNIC STRIFE: The degree of racial/ethnic strife is off-the-charts—and it is ENCOURAGED by the leadership classes! They WANT the racial/ethnic strife so as to take advantage of it so as to retain power, playing one race/ethnicity off another.

The encouragement of the belief that “everything is racist” prevents solutions to racial/ethnic inequities being put forward.

It also fosters resentment among racial/ethnic minorities—leading to random violence all the time, not to mention looting and thievery.

No society with such ethnic/racial strife can long endure before tearing itself apart. Look at Zimbabwe, look at what’s happening now in South Africa.

ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: The US and Europe are about to experience a massive economic collapse—this is well-known.

The West has incurred such enormous debt that there is no way to pay it except by printing. Both the dollar and the euro are about to crater in hyperinflation. You are already seeing it, with astronomical prices for basic necessities.

Economically, the West is a house of cards, and it will take just one good shove—a bank collapsing, a company being caught lying about its financials—to send the whole thing to the bottom.

This Great Depression 2.0 will last at least a decade, likely longer.

Why so long? Because the industrial base has vanished in the West, hollowed out by neoliberal off-shoring. It shifted into a service, value-added economy that produces nothing. We see it in the Ukraine ammo situation.

But the most important reason to leave the West is:

FEAR FOR CHILDREN’S FUTURE: Parents no longer believe their children will grow up in a sane, rational, fair society, and have a bright future ahead of them. Parents realize—correctly—that their children will suffer horribly in the US/Europe, and never achieve their goals.

They will be less educated than themselves, poorer than themselves, and have less opportunities for themselves.

They also realize that the level of State repression and disinformation will be horrible.

Who would want to raise children in such a nightmare?

There are many other reasons to leave the West—the US and Europe.

But above all, it’s the future: No adult truly, sincerely believes that the future of the West will be as bright as its past. Most know the future will be dark, hostile, uncertain, poor.

So why stay?

What do you think, dear reader? Is Gonzalo Lira correct? Comment below.




  1. I always look forward to your writings Ricky. Too stay or to go, I have been wrestling with this since the start of this Plandemic. There really is no where to go to get away from this nightmare. All countries are signing on to the WHO Plandemic, There is of course how do I survive in a foreign country, if you don’t have a lot of cash on hand it would be impossible. To stay or to fight? We now have if the figures are real 80% of the people jabbed with this bio weapon. These people are really zombies, do you notice that retail they look at you with no emotions, give them a 20 dollar bill and the young look at it as if they have no idea what to do with it. Forget making change even if the till tells them how much to give, then still gives to wrong amount. I am staying with a friend on the island so as to get out of Vancouver, now a third world city. My friend is brain washed, believes that the bio weapon saved him. Watches global news. He is sick. He has issues with his eyes, has allergies, has asthma, has lung issues, was sick for months after getting a booster in December. I mentioned to him that I have something that will help his lungs, I will even buy it for you. It has helped my lungs lots, my bronchitis is much better (I have had it for years, my cough is enough to scare the covid cult right out of their skins) Love it as I say to them not to worry I have had this issue for 30 years… has covid been around that long? It breaks my heart that people are so blind. I have tried to warn people since the beginning. I new right away that this was a bio weapon. It was a book I read years ago that enlightened me to the fact this was a bio weapon. I can’t remember if it was a Clive Clusser or Tony Clancy. I am not a conspiracy theorist, there are to many things that do not add up and have not added up since Trudeau got into office. Gonzola is right. The US is the biggest war monger on this earth and they are nobodies friends. I am thankful I do not have any children and grand children. How a parent can send their children to schools that think it is okay to mutilate children and sexualize them is beyond sick. Yet my friend and I got into a conversation a couple days ago about this drag queen shows, and chopping off breasts and penis….I will not believe that, it is too sick and evil, no way they are doing that here….I told him to wake the F*&&8 up, they are doing it here. So the evil and sick plandemic is, they can not and will not believe that there is such evil out there. So how do we turn them around? Is there any hope? My other half got the shot so he could see his mother. He got injured, could not go back to his job as a crane operator. His own family will not believe that he was injured. He will not try and turn his family or friends anything. He is scared. He is scared of their rejection. He is living in fear, it is so sad, he refuses to move out of the city, and sits all day holding his phone, sitting in the chair all day long. Now what kind of a life is that. So what to do, I say move to the country, get a small plot of land to grow your own food, get back to canning and raise your own chickens and get with like minded people with different talents so that you can trade. I myself will not pay anymore taxes and work to pay half my salary to taxes that are litterly stolen from the Canadian people. The old girl guide, brownies, boy scouts etc. taught us how to prepare, I really wonder how many people are prepared to what is coming down the pike. Drop me a line would love to chat with you. And a big Thank you for your articles they are so well written. I would sure like to see the National Citizens Inquiry being reported by the mainstream media. Wonder if Trudeau is starting to worry……coming out saying he did not force anyone…..OMG the lies are so unbelievable. I am thinking of sending some of the testimonies to every MP and Senator….they must all be worried about their children?????

    • I really appreciate your very kind words, we in The Tribe/The Resistance are all living through a collective and personal hell and it’s going to take a lot of soul searching, planning, and wise decision making to even get through this. For me, it has to come from within. How much to fight, how much to strategically evade. how much to sacrifice. The fact that you have a personal struggle is the key thing, it’s the main factor in this fight.