(photo: Maxime Bernier)

by Maxime Bernier

May 1, 2023

After it was finally passed by the Senate without further amendments, the Liberals’ Bill C-11 became law at the end of last week.

This bill is a first step in creating a wall around the Canadian internet like the Chinese government does in China.

In the first place, there is absolutely no need for the government and the CRTC to tell platforms to modify their algorithms to promote Canadian content. Canadians can decide what they want for themselves without the government holding their hands.

But the bill is also very dangerous because of the uncertainty about the possibility that it will be used to regulate user content, whether made by independent creators, or by people like you and me posting videos on YouTube.

The Senate has no democratic legitimacy to reject a bill that the government clearly wants to adopt, but it has a crucial role to play in our parliamentary system in making sure all bills are constitutional, are clear and consistent, and do not violate Canadians’ basic rights and freedoms.

In the case of Bill C-11, it’s unfortunate that the majority of Senators caved in and voted for the bill even after the government had rejected a crucial amendment proposed by senators Julie Miville-Dechêne and Paula Simons.

This amendment was meant to clarify that the law would not be used to regulate independent creators on YouTube and other platforms, which would be a clear violation of free expression.

Minister Pablo Rodriguez has said he will issue a policy direction to the CRTC next month on how to interpret the law that will clarify that content by independent creators will not be captured by it.

Then why not make it clear in the bill itself after so many people demanded it?

Do the Liberals want to keep this option on the table for the future?

Is this a way to incrementally increase the government’s censorship powers?

Given how authoritarian the Trudeau government has become, this is likely the case.

The PPC will continue to oppose this law until it is repealed.

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Thank you,

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  1. Wait until:
    – VPNs are considered illegal, like they are in China.
    – Media that isn’t government-approved is considered illegal, like they have done in Ireland.

    People are starting to draw up these extensive lists of things that establish just how disgusting that thing called Trudeau is (whichever body double of the week it is) and how it has committed outright treason against the country. Here is one from Zero_Fox_7:

    Chinese communist:
    – Police operating in Canada;
    – Threats to an MP;
    – $ to the Trudeau Foundation:
    – Spying @ Winnipeg Lab;
    – Release of a bio-weapon victimizing 33 million Canadians

    …No action from the Trudeau Liberals.
    Can we draw the conclusion that CA is compromised ?

    It’s beyond compromised It’s beyond controlled. It’s betrayal against the country who pays your bills to serve someone else’s agenda (Though I personally doubt China is the biggest pusher of this). Why do you think they paid off and controlled the entire legal system in the first place? They knew from the start their agenda was was 100% pure criminal. Why do you think it’s been 8 years of divisive, woke, lgbtPqrstuvwxyz, covid and ukraine crap? Hmm? We’re supposed to be at each other’s throats, not against the ones who put us in this mess in the first place.

    I’d be curious to see how this newest anti-democratic tyranny fails in a court challenge. That said, I think there are two goals with this latest anti-democratic that pretends to be law.

    – This is supposed to create terror. The government is pro-actively terrorizing the nation to keep them from thinking about just who the real criminals of the country are. It really is a classy-case of projection: Assume everyone else is doing what you are doing, accuse them of such and criminalize it so no one is looking at your misdeeds. In the case, the countries largest terrorists are projecting and accusing everyone else of terrorism against them. It’s kinda hilarious, in a way.

    – This was targeted at Bernier. Why? He’s not part of the 338-member choir in the House of Elites all singing from the same agenda song book. He managed to get the jab nonsense temporarily suspended (while half-baked PP takes the credit) so they could skip a court challenge. He has demonstrated he is a problem for the establishment and a issue for their agenda. Trudeau (or whatever voice controls that empty head) could order him killed, like the Shermans, the people in Nova Scotia and no doubt others, but that one could be too obvious to coverup. So, it’s the next best thing: Destroy his ability to get his message out. The more his voice reaches out to people, whether they agree or disagree with him, the more people may do something besides remain emotionally primal and snowflake-y. They may start to think. THAT is the one of the biggest threats to the establishment that is destroying this land. They do not want us to think. They want us to be emotionally overreacting to everything, whether they use lies, drugs, whatever is used to get the job done. The Truckers Convoy was the largest example of people thinking in this country in the last 10 years; people realized this is all an agenda, that it’s all lies. Look at how they treated establishment media; calling them liars and such and refusing to cooperate with them. Personally, I suspect the initial stages of the convoy was a false flag, but it grew out of control and turned into something far different.

    And some other thoughts regarding all this…

    I suspect much of what passes for party loyalty is shaky, at best. Those who stick with voting a certain way feel they have to, rather than want to. If Bernier was ever allowed to present a platform that is anything but, “More for the rich and government, less for everyone else”, people would no doubt flock towards Bernier.

    This 2021 election setup was perfectly set up so every party had the exact amount of seats needed to perform their kabuki theatre to it’s finest (which is why the media was able to say who won before any votes were counted in ridings: Rigged, much?). The opposition can pretend to be opposition all it wants, since it won’t change the agenda that is designed to destroy us, one piece at a time.

    The evil that has happened in the world is never punished. It is rewarded. Unless that changes ASAP, humanity ends with this generation. I wish I was kidding.