by David Menzies

Rebel News

April 30, 2023

An elementary school-age child is forbidden by law from buying a pornographic magazine at the corner store, yet such material is readily available at the school library. Whatever happened to age appropriateness?

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  1. Folks, all of this woke, liberal nonsense and perversion pushed towards children would not likely be happening if it was not for decades of voting by liberal women, notably liberal urban/suburban women. They vote in a majority block for emotional, even irrational ideals which brings politicians who pander for this to power by this block of women voters. Men typically have not nor do they vote in any majority scale for any of this liberal, woke, emotionally driven nonsense.

    Many liberal women will offer as a sacrifice theirs’ and notably other peoples’ kids to the cult(ure) of inclusivity, equity and diversity to the point of rabid perversions thrusted upon our society’s kids. 🙁

    The lady equating the Bible to pornography is a typical ignorant on the Bible and Christianity. Sadly the western world is filled with ignorants like her who KNOW NOT WHAT THEY SAY OR DO!