by Ricky Daytona

West Kelowna

April 24, 2023

Hate is a phenomenon of a divergent and varied human species. We have always lived with hate. Whether due to class, colour, ability, attitude, race, religion, tribe, or creed. Even basic tribalism has created hate to the extent that it has caused wars, massacres and genocide. Politics has created so much hate and division that again, genocide and wars have been caused due to polarized attitudes, values and beliefs. Ironically, politics is a fake construct sold to the masses as a way of confusing them into the belief that voting will fix current messes. In professional sport, hate is a tribal manifestation that successful athletes have learned to overcome through mental fortitude, training, and conditioning. Not to fold their hand and cry like a baby into their crumpled after match sports shirt. In some cases, hate creates success through adversity and spurs people on to higher highs.

People in a state of hate don’t often simply walk away, or choose to turn the other cheek. These polarized beliefs cause deep resentment and anger. This erupts in many forms, but take a minute to think about how these different opinions and divergent values played out during the covhoax of the last 3 years. The extremist attitudes of the devout cultish Branch Covidians resulted in the horrors of the medical apartheid passport, denial of medical care, and other harms. Human rights were thrown out of the window because people felt their virtue signalling rituals were more important than other people’s human rights, dignity, and sovereignty. If you remained pure and unmedicated during the covhoax, chances are that you know a certain feeling of being hated, treated with contempt, and marginalized.

Many of us have witnessed this deep embedded hate first hand. We felt the harm and the negative effect upon us. We saw the psychopathic derangement emanating from the vast horde. One thing we probably all saw was the way the collective borg like masses were manipulated and controlled through media, messaging, propaganda and psyops.

Now we face the risk of another round of entrenched hate, resentment and anger towards us.

But first, who is “us”? I would assume since you’re reading this website and interested in the various topics contained herein, you are one of “us” who is moving out into the margins, or is already living there beyond the margin. Seekers of a different, simpler, less complicated, and less burdened life. Why would this cause such “hate”?

The psychological phenomenon around this is deep and complex. So let’s try to keep it simple. Firstly, let’s discuss resentment. As we saw during the covhoax, people despise others because they are not “rule followers”. Those unwilling to wear disgusting bacteria infested face rags, or take disgusting noxious injecticides were demonized not just because of a perceived negligence to “protect others” but simply because they refused to follow “the roolz”. When the vast shuffling hive minded horde subjugates itself to those mindless stupid “roolz” then the “othered” must be demonized, criticized and attacked. It is part of the ritual of the mass formation unfolding at that time. The Milgram experiment is a good start to understand human behaviour in all sorts of strange situations. People can be manipulated to hate and the amount of behaviour that can be controlled is actually impressive. It does reflect on the average human, as we can see just how lacking in independent thinking and sentience humans actually are. Basically, just a farm animal with bad sneakers.

The Milgram Shock Experiment: Summary, Results, & Ethics

“Othering” is a psychological manifestation, primarily used by the malevolents to divide groups. Identifying usually small and vulnerable groups allows for a target to be established. The horde is then directed by communications, mass media and psyops towards attacking this group. It emanates from primal human behaviour. Primal emotions are triggered from our distant past. Ugg ugg, attack the other. The most basic form of groupthink.

As an example, it’s worth researching the Rwandan genocide where the Tutsi minority ethnic group, as well as some moderate Hutu and Twa, were killed by armed Hutu militias.

Insecurity is another cause of people hating others. This is a deep psychological manifestation. Confident, happy, successful people rarely spend time and energy attacking or criticizing others. They get on with their life, direct themselves towards meeting their goals, and spend that time, energy and capital towards better things. They work on themselves, focused, and with a certain sense of irrelevance held towards others. People who are unsuccessful, failures, unsure of their place in life or direction, they can easily fall into the habit of critiquing others which quickly falls into a hate and resentment trap. As nothing improves in their miserable, wretched lives, they end up trapped in a hate cycle. It’s like the old fable of a young guy who sees someone driving a Ferrari and thinks, wow one day I’m going to work hard enough and be successful enough to drive a Ferrari. Whereas the bitter, angry, hunchbacked, green-haired, black clad antifa spews out pure hate and angst against this “rich Ferrari driving bastard”. Choose how you want to act and that will generally manifest your future outcome. Bitterness and resentment are not the attributes of successful, happy people.

So exactly what are people resentful about? What are the virtues, assets, attitudes, lifestyle and behaviours that are causing the human divergence phenomenon?


Freedom and independence are hard to achieve without some degree of financial freedom. Debt slavery has increasingly been a black hole sucking people in. In tandem with the rise of shallow, plastic, consumerism this dual attack on humanity has left people feeling hopeless, miserable and as if they are failures.

Low wages, poverty, and being leveraged by interest rates and various forms of debt are literally killing people, causing stress and misery.

Financial freedom can be sought by a few easy strategies. Cut down on expenses, downsize your dwelling to eradicate or minimalize debt, live a simpler life, cut down on ancillary expenses.

Employment & career.

Work insecurity, being underemployed, working for depressingly woke PC companies, and the general unfulfilled nature of the modern workplace cause more misery and resentment. We see the miserable grey downtrodden horde shuffle from hovel to workplace. Grinding away day after day, unappreciated, annoyed at dumb useless coworkers, frustrated by woke rainbow politics, all undertaken day after day of sufferance and conformity. While raging inside as Ahmed from HR got promoted to Sales Director despite his inability to speak English and his unintelligible emails.

You can negotiate with your employer and strive to get ahead there, or elsewhere. This has to be unconditional. The world is your oyster. Seek out passive incomes from investments. Find a sideline or a second gig. Try to WFH and cut down your commuting time and costs. Set personal development goals to get ahead. Set yourself apart from the lazy, disinterested, excuse laden, often absent mess.

Who wants to work in an environment like this? Surely, only a willing, servile, low confidence, slave-drone.

Health, diet and wellness.

With allegedly around 80% of western nations being self-subjected to the noxious harmful deathjabs, many people are now suffering the ill effects. So many people suffer a broad range of basic health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, as well as hundreds of other issues. Many have multiple comorbidities. The amount of people addicted to drugs and alcohol, as well as those engaging in harmful forms of self-abuse, constantly increases. Humanity is in a terrible physical and mental state. A great chance for you to be different.

If you are healthy, and keep yourself in good shape, avoid subversive debased deviant pursuits, and maintain good mental health in the face of all these attacks on humanity, you’re a target. Mental health is also critical in the face of such grim, potentially depressing times. Simply looking around at the mindless, low IQ, shuffling, mumbling herd is enough to put your psyche into a big black hole. The deranged horde, unravelling in a miasma of mental health issues, crises, chaos, delusions, and other issues looks at healthy, balanced sane people with pure hate. Much of this is also public, reflected in deranged social media puking. Toxic and negative social media is another good thing to avoid. Pick and choose wisely what you consume and give time to, and limit your exposure to the collective mind virus.

Being able to afford a healthy diet, free of medications, potions, additives, chemicals, frozen and processed food, and junk food is looked at with unease by people who cram garbage into their mouths. Hydrate, rest and sleep well.

Growing your own food, or as much as you reasonably can, helps. Buy fresh and organic food. Cook from raw ingredients Cut down the take out and done in food. Alcohol is ok in moderation, but don’t be a mindless, drunken, stupid, babbling goon.

Lifestyle and attitude.

Living a positive, ethical, independent, defiant, healthy lifestyle is a huge creator of hate. The resentment spews forth from the vast herd when they see an independent, confident person who is in control of their own destiny. Non-conformism is pretty much demonized nowadays as the masses chant “for the greater good” and believe they are “all in this together” like mindless, mewing farm animals.

You are an amazing human being, wonderful, creative, and capable of so much more. Be better, do better, and aim high.

We, the hated few.

There’s a certain breed and type of person who revels in being “the hated”. They adore the resentment from the herd. In some ways, it proves their success. Many are outliers, kind of oddballs, confident enough to choose a different path and live their lives out on the margins with other like minded people.

Many of you will be keen observers of humanity and society, as I am. You will see the slow decline into a supine, dependent, compliant, meek society. You will see the increase in virtue signalling, conformity, and herdthink. You will see the way that reliance on government has increased. Even work itself has been devalued as people would rather receive government handouts, and live on the couch, instead of working to get ahead. If all vacant jobs in the US were filled by the unemployed, there would still be millions of vacancies. A sure sign of a declining civilization. The future is slavery and UBI, for the huddled masses.

As we live through a deeply profound and transitional phase of humanity, there has never been a better opportunity to divest yourself from the human baggage that is dragging us down and destroying our once decent, civil, creative society.

You will need to be brave, creative, confident, resourceful, and committed. You will also need to be willing to be resented and hated by nasty, bitter, insecure, jealous people. They will mock you, laugh at you, be cruel to you, gossip about you, and criticize your decisions. Family and friends may alienate and marginalize you. You may also have to experience schadenfreude (link below), as others bask in any setbacks and failures you experience in your journey towards freedom and independence.

“Be better, do better, and aim high”.