He launched his Presidential campaign; now he has to create a storm, and this is how

by Jon Rappoport

No More Fake News

April 24, 2023

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I’ll keep this brief. Kennedy walked through a very big door in his launch-speech in Boston (*). He raised the issue of…


It was a major theme in his speech.

It’s a major reality and tragedy in America. It has been, for decades.

Kennedy now has to go much further on that path. If he does, with the whole truth, he can create a massive unstoppable tidal wave.

He can blow the Presidential campaign season to smithereens, because he’s telling the story millions and millions of people desperately want to hear.

They want the story, and the solutions. Because they’ve been suffering the decimation.

Kennedy can deliver…if he will.

Listen to this podcast. I’ll tell you how he has to walk this road and how he can drive a dagger into the hearts of the liars and the fakers and the predators. IN A WAY THAT THE PEOPLE WILL UNDERSTAND.

And not just the middle class. ALL the actual deprived people of this country.

And when you get it, you can contact his campaign and tell them how he’s standing on the brink of a massive SHIFT.

Screw in your brain real tight and listen to this podcast. Don’t pass this opportunity by.

— Jon Rappoport

(*) Robert F Kennedy Jr’s launch-speech is here. The video starts off showing a brief speech by Dennis Kucinich introducing Kennedy. Kennedy starts his speech at the 2m45s mark. Note: there is overall technical glitch in the video: the audio is very low until the 4m00s mark; for the first 4 minutes, to compensate for this, turn your volume up to the max.

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