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Dr. William Makis MD


April 22, 2023

These days, there are far stronger morals, ethics and honorable behavior in the Mexican drug cartels, than in Canada’s entire healthcare leadership.

We’ve just reached 150 Canadian doctor sudden deaths, since COVID-19 vaccines rolled out on Dec.14, 2020.

Canadian Medical Association, which continues to push the toxic Pfizer and Moderna mRNA jabs on its own doctor members, has chosen to mark this milestone with a full page Pfizer ad on the back cover of its April 2023 issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, presumably in exchange for a few pieces of silver.

Former Canadian Medical Association President (2018-2019) Dr.Gigi Osler spent the entire pandemic promoting Moderna mRNA vaccines and was rewarded by Justin Trudeau with an appointment to the Canadian Senate on Sep.26, 2022:

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  1. Under normal circumstances, I would agree with you. The developers of this killshot lied, cheated, manipulated and outright frauded their data to make it look safer than it was ever going to be, even under the most ideal of circumstances. On those grounds, there should be no legal immunity at all (The fact that they would demand such a thing should be raising red flags in the first place, but let’s ignore that little inconvenient comment).

    Unfortunately, we have a corrupt beyond redemption political system that is not only getting kickbacks from this garbage but even has their own investments and direct (and indirect) involvement in these companies, making it very profitable for them to keep this kovidbuki theatre going. Forget conflict of interest, they are involved up to the neck in lying to the public about this. They’ve been lying about it since day 1. Why are we, years later after this supposed pandemic, still without a legitimate lab sample of the virus?! (And don’t tell me about that cutesy CGI trademark model: That’s not a sample).

    The political Bravo Sierra continues be thrown at us by the bucketload…