“Management fees paid to consultants have skyrocketed to $17.7 billion in 2022, and McKinsey & Company virtually runs immigration.”

by Brad Salzberg


April 18, 2023

An award-winning columnist, bestselling author, investigative journalist, speaker, and television commentator, Diane Francis is Editor-at-Large at Canada’s National Post.

Author of ten books on international politics, Ms. Francis is a Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council in Washington, DC, and sits on the board of the Canada-US Law Institute in Cleveland, Ohio.

Here is what Francis, former editor of Canada’s Financial Post, has to say about immigration policy in Canada:

“Canada’s current excessive immigration policy was conceived at a gathering in 2011 in Muskoka, Ont., involving Dominic Barton, who served as global managing director of McKinsey & Company before becoming Canada’s Ambassador to China.”

“The consulting firm McKinsey & Company has seen the amount of money it earns from federal contracts explode since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came to power — to the point where some suggest it may have a central role in shaping Canada’s immigration policies.”

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