by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford


April 18, 2023

64 to 1 Against The Truckers Convoy And For Lockdowns and Mandates , BC Legislature Vote , Yesterday April 17, 2023 . So Who Said Things Are Changing , And Freedom and Science are Winning?

Oh, the madness!!

The rejection of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms !

The rejection of science !

The rejection of people being able to peacefully demonstrate!

Here is the resolution and some commentary as reported by True North news online:

“Be it resolved that one year after the anti-vaccine protests in Ottawa and communities including Victoria, South Surrey, Kelowna and Cranbrook, this House denounces the freedom convoy protests and affirms that public health orders, including vaccine requirements, have been an essential tool in B.C.’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” the motion read.

The motion received 64 yeas and 1 nay from lone BC Conservative John Rustad.

20 MLAs skipped the vote, including both BC Green Party members.

“Many BC United MLAs who call themselves ‘conservative’ simply didn’t show up,” Rustad wrote on Twitter.

Fear and lack of independent information still haunts the public square .

This on the  41St Anniversary of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms becoming the law of Canada.

All Canada should be outraged at this blatant display of ignorance of science and reason and insult to democracy—-and all performed in the ———yes, you guessed it —our Legislature !



  1. They voted WRONGLY!!!! in favour as such because if they voted against this it would give strong ammunition for future lawsuits against all of this Covid 19 bullshit.