The recent proposal by the Treasury Board of Canada would delegate law-making from Parliament and cabinet to Public Servants

by Brad Salzberg 

April 17, 2023

The Treasury Board of Canada is a Cabinet committee of the King’s Privy Council of Canada, whose origin goes all the way back to the founding of our nation in 1867.

“The Board is responsible for accountability and ethics, financial, personnel and administrative management, and approving regulations and most Orders-in-Council. Its president is responsible for the management of the federal government by translating the policies and programs approved by Cabinet into operational reality.”

According to an article published this month in the National Post, Treasury Board President Mona Fortier has announced a proposal to allow government documents to be given “full legal force.”

“It’s a proposal to change the rules about making rules. It would allow all federal regulatory organizations the ability to make internal government documents into law via incorporation by reference.

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