His recent trip is his 10th, but will not be his last. “China is with me,” says Alexandre Trudeau.

by Brad Salzberg


April 16, 2023

“They stand, conspicuously Western, in the vast expanse of Beijing’s Tiananmen Square: Eighteen-year-old Justin Trudeau seemingly at ease, confident. His smaller, blonder 16-year-old brother Alexandre more guarded.”

In what seems like ancient political history, Toronto Star speak of the Trudeau family of Quebec’s journey to communist China in the year 1990. In what would be blacklisted today in terms of media exposure, middle brother Alexandre(young son Michelle Trudeau died under mysterious circumstances in 1998), “Sasha” Trudeau speaks candidly:

“China is with me,” states Alexandre. His recent trip is his 10th, but will not be his last. In 2023, China is not only with middle brother. As reported by CSIS, China is also with 11 Canadian member of Parliament candidates for office.

“Cheuk Kwan, co-chair of the Toronto Association for Democracy in China, told MPs holding hearings at the House of Commons ethics committee, that the Communist Party has been reaching out since the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.”

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  1. Here is a suggestion, since ALL of the Trudeau family loves Communist China so much they should all move there permantly. However, they need to leave ALL money made at the expense of Canadians. That includes everything that came from their ancestors. Let them all get jobs in the slave factories, and let them all eat bugs.