Billboard Chris joins us today and you know that will be discussing the outrageous assault on Chris and the completely disturbing and puzzling police response. We will talk about Chris’ increasing presence and reach in the United States and what his future plans are.

Calgary Flames legend Theo Fleury joins us today to talk about his leadership and advocacy in the field of physical and mental trauma and how that ties into his pro-freedom stance.

Billboard Chris:

Theo Fleury:





  1. Having them call this a religion is 90% spot-on; It definitely has the roots of religion within them, but considering which supposed religion is behind this movement (Just look at what happened in Germany in the 1920s, look at the names of who runs these ‘affirming clinics’). Like what Laura Lynn points out: When these kids who are groomed into serving the agenda, they are abandoned as quickly as as they converted, especially after they wake up and realize what has been done to them. It’s inhuman and inhumane.

    I remember watching a vid about a gay guy schooling an entire board on the evil of the trans flag: It’s not a flag of pride, but a flag of sex and stated how the entire board should be behind the bars for promoting this. Good for him for standing up for his own beliefs and own conclusions, not what others are telling him to think.

    Is there a reason that flag uses baby blue and baby pink? Two colours normally associated with babies? — Has anyone else actually noticed this, yet? This has ALWAYS been the target of this agenda. Billboard Chris points all the money being thrown in agenda-pushing crap, cites a number of examples which barely touches how sick this has become.

    Now we have the UN demanding that violating children sexually should now be legal (JUST LIKE I PREDICTED AT THIS SITE AT THE START OF YEAR WOULD HAPPEN). This was part of the whole process. This was part of the goal of the whole feminist movement: First, they destroyed the value of the man and now they are destroying the value of the woman. Well, I imagine countries like Russia and probably China will secede from this fustercluck that only ever does the bidding of the US and their masters, the enablers of this transgenda (Yes, I know how I spelled that).

    Billboard Chris has pretty much said it without saying it: Revolution is the ONLY way this is going to end. We have to say ‘ENOUGH’ and stop this ourselves. No one is going to stop this for us.