Castro County Sheriff’s Office

April 14, 2023

A large explosion and fire broke out at South Fork Dairy in Dimmitt, Texas on April 10 that killed more than 18,000 cattle; others sustained injuries and will have to be put down in what is likely the largest mass death of cattle ever.  One person was injured and was airlifted to a Lubbock hospital and reported to be in critical condition.

The cause of the fire is unknown and is under investigation. The Texas Tribune reported that in 2019, Texas authorized the facility to more than double the number of cattle allowed on-site from 11,500 to up to 32,000, according to a permit with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The state also authorized the facility to increase its manure production by more than 50% in that expanded permit.

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  1. This whole thing reeks of bovine pies. The Deep State has a serious beef with us trying to live out our own lives and me’thanes this is just another paragraph of agenda 2030; the one where they kill just about all of us and enslave the few that remain, since our numbers are getting a big high and probable enough to overthrow these fat gullets. Gotta milk an agenda for what it’s worth, huh?

    I’d burger these cheese-y plots certainly have their hoof marks all over it, much like the recent surge of all the other factories and food facilities that are going up like a barbecue (except for those who happen to belong to our usual handlers; what an udder disgrace this whole thing is).

    They want to treat us like cattle and lead us to the slaughter, no doubt. This condescending attitude certainly makes me see red. Time to moooove over; we the people should have our own say, or else their a** will be grass.

    Another problem, if they get rid of all the steers in Texas, what will they have let besides queers?