by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford


April 13, 2023

Here is part of the news story :

‘OTTAWA — The Opposition Conservatives are asking Twitter to apply a “government-funded” label on accounts associated with the CBC, even as other broadcasters decry the tag for not making clear their editorial independence.

On Tuesday, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre tweeted a copy of a letter addressed to the company making the request.

In the letter, Poilievre asked that the label be applied to CBC’s English “news-related” accounts. But he did not mention Radio-Canada, the broadcaster’s French-language arm.’

This is where the voters really need to step up to the plate and see the deception.

Mr. Poilievre should be introducing a Bill in Parliament that calls for the elimination of CBC. That’s what he said on the leadership campaign , that he will get rid of CBC .

Good time to start. Where’s integrity now?

Well , show us your bona fides Mr. Poilievre —not a letter to Twitter but a Bill in the House of Commons. Then we will know you are serious, and you will put on the record also where the Liberals and NDP stand.

Then there will be real choice not this trickery of pretending you oppose CBC by writing a letter to Twitter but yet keep CBC in business on the tax payers dime.

Remember Mr. Poilievre‘s Party in its platform does not say get rid of CBC but just some vague reform of it.

And as the press account makes clear Poilievre said nothing about CBC in Quebec. Imagine that , another sweet heart deal for Quebec??

The more things change———

So the old politics by an old party that will not change.

We need radical change , system change , not some window dressing by slick spin doctors who play the old diversion game.




  1. This is how small PP has operated since Day 1: Do just enough grand standing to make it look like he’s making a big difference. Remember who claimed he ended the travel mandates in Canada? We know that it was not small PP. It never was. He’s a do-nothing, same as Trudeau, same as Singh, same as the other 335 members in our House of Elites who all play their class and race baiting kabuki theatre in that overpriced building of theirs, but always stand together when they can profit off something at the expense of us. Why is any of this a surprise, anyway? EVERYTHING is corrupt, now.

    – Did he do anything to actually support the truckers? No. He showed up for a few photo ops and was silent. He previous attitude towards protests were along the lines of locking everyone up for life, so this should be no surprise. Candice Bergen did more for the cause (which still added up to nothing, but she did give it more attention).
    – Did he do anything to help deal with the people who were rounded up during the Political Cleansing day? Nope. Not a peep. Not a word about Tamara or Patrick or any of the others being political prisoners. Not a word about their lives being destroyed, families buried, jobs and houses lost only for the crown to mysteriously drop the charges prior to having a ruling that they would have lost, anyway (Frankly, we need a class action suit against the government regarding the nature of this detainment).
    – Was he there for Josh Alexander? Nope.
    – Was he there to oppose Bill C-4 which destroys the family unit to further this latest example of the “Current Thing” (since the previous current things AKA Ukraine and Covid were both total busterclombs and everyone that was accused of wearing tinfoil hats were once again proving correct)? Nope. Voted along side it.
    – Was he there to oppose jabbing the entire country with a experimental biologic that specialists and tinfoil hat wearers were warning from the start? Nope. He was screaming our Lieberals weren’t doing it fast enough.

    This is why the PPC exists and why Bernier got almost 1M votes in the last election (minus the election meddling; I think he got a LOT more than that) and is likely to do better (If we’re ever allowed to have another election) given the Conservatives have reduced themselves to being nothing more than Liberals in blue suits.

    I feel sorry for guys like Jeremy Mackenzie who actually thought this guy was about something. Nope. When I saw the pic of him with Gates, that was all I need to know he was part of the establishment, not the solution. The leadership campaign was rigged. Charest was put in there to make small PP look good. The Conservative Party is just as controlled as all the others, save Bernier’s. It’s a good a thing he got out when he did or it’s likely Bernier would also have been a controlled asset.

    Oh, and to add insult to injury, they have the audacity to think they are entitled to your vote while they have not done a single thing to earn it. Baber and Lewis, despite showing signs of being controlled, could have earned it. This silver spoon PP thinks he should just have it without doing anything for it.

    Remember, thinking you have to vote for evil to get rid of another evil is STILL voting evil. Time to vote good, for a change (If we’ll ever be allowed to, again…).