(Pictured, Alexandre Trudeau, brother of Canadian prime minister, promoting his paean to the glory of communist China).

“China is such a complicated, ancient place that you really have to approach it with a lot of humility.” — Alexandre Trudeau.

by Brad Salzberg


April 13, 2023

“I could be very harsh, and you could find stories that are disgusting[about China], but in a way I’m harsher on Canada.”

— Alexandre Trudeau, brother of Canadian Prime Minister.

In a single sentence, political observers could have come to understand the political orientation of brother of current Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

It never occurred– and it’s far from a coincidence, or media oversight. Away from the CBC spotlight, middle brother Alexandre Trudeau is known as a decades-long supporter of the communist government of China.

In the year 1970, former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau became the first western leader to establish diplomatic ties with communist China.  Alexandre Trudeau has ties to China that predate his birth.

“His mother, Margaret Trudeau, was pregnant with him when she joined her husband, then-Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, on a visit to China in 1973, at a time when many western leaders did not have relations with the far-east country.”

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