Pictured, Liberal Minister of Housing MP Ahmed Hussen, surrounded by members of his priority communities.

Liberal Minister of Housing Ahmed Hussen consistently places the desires of new arrivals to Canada above the needs of Canadian-born citizens.

by Brad Salzberg


April 12, 2023

Under a proper Canadian economic model, government would align the quantity of new arrivals to our country with demand for new and affordable housing.

But what happens when a poorly-understood agenda undermines the concept, resulting in inaction on the part of our federal government? Under PM Justin Trudeau’s post-modern social model, there may well be a purpose for Canada’s current lack of housing availability.

Let us say that rather than “managing” a nation, a ruling government’s true vocation is one of national transformation. In colloquial terms, one might refer to this as an “out with the old, in with the new” economic model.

Call Cultural Action Party paranoid, but we say this is the exact agenda now occurring within Canadian society. The “new” are PM Trudeau’s preferred citizens– Sikhs, Muslims, Chinese— presently dominating Canada’s immigration intake quotas.

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