Why Won’t You Appear Before The National Citizens Inquiry?

People are asking . Many missed my earlier January explanation .

It has to do with honesty —ethics , conflict of interest. Ironically what the Inquiry was suppose to entail.


Question :

Why won’t you appear before the National Citizens Inquiry , especially given you were one of the first to call for it”


Because the Inquiry broke its own rules . It was suppose to be independent , says so on its website . But the Inquiry’s spokesman and one of the Directors of the non profit corporation under which the Inquiry is legally established , Hon. Preston Manning , broke that rule . He took a paid position with another inquiry ( and a Government one at that) and stayed on with the NCI supported by the majority of the support group , the group ( whose members are still not identified on their website)being those that were setting up the Inquiry .

This becomes even more bewildering when one considers that the support group supported my earlier resignation because of statements I had made that were anti government and therefore it could be construed that the Inquiry was not independent. No paid other job, just that my statements could be viewed as undermining the credibility of the Inquiry and I voluntarily stepped aside.

For me, the end does not justify the means .

And honesty is not only the best policy—it’s the only policy!!

The tragic irony of it all————-Our country cannot begin to repair and gain back some semblance of integrity and democracy if we condone ethics violation and conflict of interest in the very inquiry that was suppose to investigate such failings.

The opening words of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms are—‘Whereas this Country is founded on the principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law: ‘

The values inherent in these principles seem forgotten .

Hon. A. Brian Peckford P.C.