How many liberals could he resuscitate?

April 11, 2023

In the wake of RFK Jr.’s filing with the FEC, signaling his intention to run for President, as a Democrat, Gateway Pundit cited his “massive following” and the sales of his bookThe Real Anthony Fauci—over one million copies.

Kennedy has visibility.

The DNC doesn’t want him around.

Kennedy’s stance against the COVID vaccines is enough to drive Lefty Democrats crazy.

This could get interesting. Kennedy has his own strong channel of communication with his followers, so major media can’t black him out.

Conservative websites tend to like him. They’ll give him space and coverage.

Kennedy isn’t a dedicated socialist. That’s a surprise. He wants to make mega-corporations pay for the damage they do. As in: shell out big bucks to clean up the poisonous pollution they spread into the environment.

Some Democrats still consider that a priority, when they’re not busy campaigning for genital mutilation surgery for kids and calling it the Lord’s work.

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