Dr. ‘Reiner Fuellmich’ The ‘Covid 19’ Lawsuit Against ‘Swiss’ President ‘Alain Berset’ With ‘Pascal Najadi’

Jan. 14, 2023. Covid-19 News.

Dr. ‘Reiner Fuellmich’ & ‘Pascal Najadi’
expose the covid 19 deception and fraud behind the worldwide Covid-19 vaccine campaign.

Dr ‘Reiner Fuellmich’ & ‘Pascal Najadi’s Criminal complaint against the Swiss president – ICIC

January. 14th, 2023. ‘Covid 19’ News.

Impromptu with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and his guest, investment banker and filmmaker, Pascal Najadi, as they discuss his criminal complaint filed in December against the Swiss president, Alain Berset,

This law suit, unthinkable and futile in some countries, could be a breakthrough case in exposing the deception and fraud behind the worldwide Covid-19 vaccine campaign and has the potential to cause the Corona House of Cards to crumble.

Mr. Najadi, himself and his family are fully vaccinated and boosted, However he describes his realization that the entire narrative, especially regarding vaccine efficacy, is based on contradictions, misleading and unsupported claims and perhaps malicious intent.

For those who also fell prey to the false promises of safety and regained freedoms, he has wise words of understanding and encouragement.

He trusts the Swiss judicial system, is confident that the Truth will come to light, and sends a message of hope that justice will indeed prevail.

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The Criminal Actions Of Big Pharma & Global Governments Are Massive”
January 5, 2023 Covid 19 News.

160 Countries Have Signed Onto Reducing The World Population To 800 Million By 2030

December. 14, 2023 News – Depopulation Agenda 2023…

AndreCorbeil Jan 14, 2023.

Covid Pandemics, Vaccine Agendas, & Depopulation Of Humanity.

January. 14th, 2023. COVID-19 News.

Global Pandemics, The Vaccine Agenda,

Jan. 2023 ‘Covid-19’ News.
Those antipsycotics and anti depressants can cause psychosis. Also, cause muscle spasms causing involuntary body movements “tarkdive deskinesia” Elderly can get dementia to and so can youth. Very discouraging there’s not better solutions from psychiatrist, and talk theraphy is basically obsolete. Sad how big pharm take advantage of vulnerable people.

January. 14 2023 COVID-19 News.

‘Covid-19’ Isn’t Linked To Heart Disease Or Strokes” The ‘MRNA’ ‘Covid19’ Vaccines Are!

Recently The Times headlined with ‘Mild covid linked to heart disease & strokes’

Doctors Demanding The Immediate Halt Of All ‘Covid-19’ Vaccines

The ‘W.H.O’ Are Programming The Public To Accept A Global Genocide Of Humanity

A Global Genocide Of Humanity


multiple organizations have been orchestrating an environment to create distractions that give rise to an animation of fear. He describes how their real agenda will work…They want to weaken us until we become so vulnerable that we give in to whatever they want.



https://www.brighteon.com/a02b1413-704d-4131-829f-1e8f2c1af2e2 – eternal life inside a computer AI!!!!

The resulting study, recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences—“Reverse-transcribed SARS-CoV-2 RNA can integrate into the genome of cultured human cells and can be expressed in patient-derived tissues”—builds on key questions that the team probed as part of an earlier preprint posted on bioRxiv, in their attempts to find a solution to this mystery.
Using three independent sequencing approaches, Jaenisch and his team showed the presence of human–viral chimeric transcripts in infected human HEK293T cells in culture and patient-derived tissues to demonstrate that DNA copies of fragments of SARS-CoV-2’s genomic RNA sequences can integrate into the human genome and can be transcribed into RNA.

Are hospitals making thousands off this dangerous and ineffective COVID drug

I am extremely concerned about the fact that the novel gene-based Covid vaccines are resulting in deaths, sometimes of quite young people, or causing miscarriages, blindness, neurological symptoms and so on, but that few MPs mention this and Government adverts tell us that vaccines are safe even for pregnant women. It seems that the risk/benefit equation does not add up, especially then the average age of death from Covid is 82.5 years. These are vaccines still in clinical trials and authorised for emergency use only. There should be enough important data on excess deaths to show that there is and has been no emergency.
A distressing example of harm is the death of a healthy young baby at 5 months after being breast fed by a mother vaccinated against Covid. This appears in a US Vaers report.
In fact there is no informed consent. My experience is that the NHS sends out a leaflet saying vaccines are safe and you are invited to a vaccine centre without prior notification of the vaccine to be used, and without your doctor present helping you to decide. In Scotland the patient information leaflet was given to my neighbour, but only when the needle was poised to enter the arm. Few people seem to realise that the vaccine is still in clinical trials.

I have many other concerns about harms caused by Government actions. I will list them under various headings. I see that the Hart Group (Health Advisory and Recovery Team) has addressed some of the issues I mention in this bulletin https://www.hartgroup.org/6-may-2021/ and I will refer to this.
Vaccine deaths and adverse effects

The daily rate of vaccine deaths is now higher than Covid deaths. Death figures in the UK for the 2 main vaccines at the links below are 1227 plus 149 miscarriages, the latter figure showing a steep rise.