Pictured, PM Justin Trudeau, indulging in his narcissism with picture of murdered school girl Marissa Shen in background.

“In years to come, Canadians will look back with pride on the contributions made by Syrian Refugees and how they have made our country better.”– Justin Trudeau

by Brad Salzberg


April 6, 2023

“I did not kill,” Ibrahim Ali tells court at murder trial.

Nearly six years after the death of a Canadian teen, the man accused of her murder is presently standing trial in a Vancouver, B.C. courtroom.

Marissa Shen was a 13-year-old Canadian girl whose body was found in a wooded area in Central Park in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, After a 14-month impasse from the date of the murder on September 7, 2018, RCMP arrested Ibrahim Ali (born in 1990 in Syria) as a primary suspect for the murder of Marrisa Shen. According to media Ali had come to Canada just months before the murder of the schoolgirl took place.

“Ali’s status as a recent Syrian Refugee raised questions about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s immigration policy.”

What Media Are Not Telling Canadians:

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