Pictured, Canadian prime minister, with one of his 3rd world priority communities.

Canadians are being kept in the dark regarding the degree to which Sikh Nationalism has permeated our political environment.

by Brad Salzberg


April 5, 2023

“The head of an Indo-Canadian organization in British Columbia has complained to local law enforcement about receiving death threats from Khalistani radicals after he organised a reception last month in honour of India’s High Commissioner to Ottawa.”

Due to media obfuscation, Canadians are being kept in the dark regarding the degree to which Sikh Nationalism has permeated our political environment.

Cultural Action Party liken it to a secret pact. As buried by CBC and corporate media, PM Justin Trudeau and political partner Jagmeet Singh are quietly backing Khalistani state independence in India.

New Democratic Party leader Singh is so deep in the mud that the government of India has banned his turbaned-self from entering their country. Lucky for him that Canadian media has successfully covered up the radical nature of the NDP leader, whose family emigrated from India a generation ago.

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