Rodney Palmer’s explosive testimony before the Citizen’s Inquiry is showing not only proof that the CBC and other media organizations have become completely corrupted, but the actual mechanisms and means on how that corruption happened. This is damning, and precisely the kind of evidence that will be presented in crimes against humanity trials. There’s a reason why journalists who’ve committed these crimes in the past were hung by the neck until dead.

What the media did wasn’t newsgathering, it was propaganda that stoked hate towards a new identifiable group they labeled with the pejorative “anti-vaxxer”. That in itself is a crime against humanity, and that’s before we factor in the death count from the injectable bioweapon. These monsters must be brought to justice

The National Citizen’s Inquiry that’s being held in Canada, is a commission that’s being held by We The People which is examining all aspects of the Covid-Crime Against Humanity in order to reveal the truth of what happened. Here’s the link to their Rumble channel