In this Emerging Global Realities video, I document the grid in a section of the downtown core of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This grid could be in any downtown core in the world.

The grid as captured by the video includes small cell sites, sensors part of lamp posts, wireless CCTV video cameras, and base stations (roof top cellular towers).

I measured extreme EMF radiation frequency, in which the meter measured maximum peak frequency signal of 6.0 V/m in most cases, and I measured power output in excess of 21,000 uW/m2.

The safe levels are below 0.50 V/m peak signal and 1,000 uW/m2 power output (BioInitiative and Building Biology).

The most vulnerable are those people who are in direct line and close proximity to the cellular such as people using the sidewalk with small cell sites, or people in the office towers with windows facing the base stations.

The goal of this city and most other is a complete transformation to a technocratic grid that will allow for example autonomous, self-driving vehicles, infrared biometric surveillance, data collections via mass deployment of sensors, and artificial intelligence in the form of machines, drones, robots, bots, programs…