Anglophones are the sole identifiable community under-represented in Trudeau’s Liberal 2023 Cabinet. All others are over-represented.

by Brad Salzberg

April 3, 2023

“Canada’s racialized communities are simultaneously some of the most targeted — and vulnerable — for foreign interference, intimidation and harassment in pursuit of securing the policy objectives of foreign states,” says a March report released by the B.C. Gurdwaras Council and the Ontario Gurdwaras Committee.

My, my— Sikh-Canadians think they have it bad. They should try being a white Anglophone male in PM Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada.

At least our ruling Liberal government show consideration for Canada’s “new arrival” communities, if not outright pandering toward their needs.

Nothing of the sort can be said regarding PM Justin Trudeau’s attitude toward English Canada. Currently being set up for minority community status, neither government nor Canada’s monolithic woke media give white Canadians the time of day. Unless, of course, it’s for the purpose of pushing us toward the doghouse of communal status in our own country.

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