by Ricky Daytona

West Kelowna

April 2, 2023

Time to go.  

Imagine if you will that you have lived in the same country and region that you were born and grew up in. That you have stayed within a fairly consistent demographic of racial, income, and ethnic boundaries. That unipolar worldview and limited life experience can have a damaging and potentially dangerous effect on how you see the world and interpret the various bizarre happenings. The processing of such things has an effect on the self, and without a broad understanding and interpretation of it, can also increase the risk of not recognizing such damage, or the reality around these “happenings”, events and changes. We can become blind, or disconnected, from such impacts. Softened and dulled to the harms done to us.

With limited life experience and a narrow unipolar understanding of the world you can only see one colour of the light emerging from a prism. Everything else is either blurred or obscured. With the best of intentions, it’s extremely hard to gain the ability to have a global worldview and see things in a pure, abstract, disconnected, detached, and objectively analyzed manner. Very few can manage this. It can take travel, cultural exposure, and a certain mentality to achieve full spectrum analysis of the way the world works.

Your country has failed you. Your nation, your homeland, is a post nation state run for the benefit of odious global entities. Your government hates you. Your freedom has been destroyed and the country you live in no longer resembles the one you grew up in. Your birth certificate and passport mean nothing, They don’t offer you comfort or protection, and your charter of rights and freedoms or constitution are mere paper rags of no value. Your laws are no longer enforced and justice is an apparition, a word thrown about without any meaning. Crime is rampant, you feel disgust at everything you see around you, and you question everything. People shuffle and lumber around lifeless, with dead grey eyes, mere husks blowing in the breeze, non-sentient with nothing to say, no passion, no energy and drained of all resistance. They are life forms of some sort, but you have no affinity any more to them or the homeland that formed your worldview and provided the values, morals and ethics you still carry with you.

It’s time to go.

Emerging trends.

 There’s a new trend emerging, in tandem with that of the digital nomad and economic migration from the west. That is, the phenomenon of the global dissident nomad. They are very dangerous to the establishment. They challenge the government and establishment framework. They see through the narrative and construct of fake projected realities. They are quick thinking, analytical, media and tech savvy, and extremely articulate.

The tandem evolution in conjunction with the rise of the digital nomad, the early retiree, and the economic refugee binds together a complex and often interchangeable group of people who are flocking away from the grasp of the west to see new freedoms.  It’s not solely about “freedom” but freedom of thought, freedom of opinion, and the freedom to see things as they want to see it. Not to exchange on set of propaganda for the polar opposite. Perhaps, to find the space and personal freedom to explore the world in order to better understand it. It is a sense of being free to be yourself, without the woke “tolerance” of freaks and freakshows. Just to be able to form your own worldview.

For example, in the mainstream media the west will be shown evidence that in Russia Putin is unpopular and the Ukraine conflict is causing hardships. Genuine insight from the source would show fully stocked grocery shelves, reducing inflation, and generally a population mostly unaffected by western sanctions. Interviews with Russians will reflect the complexity of people. They may disapprove of the conflict as it means conscriptions, but they support the protection of ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine. They may disapprove of attacks on Poland, Sweden and Finland, but they approve of taking NATO to task as the apparatus of US driven western aggression. Their opinions on Putin will be mutated, twisted and warped. He is deeply popular with Russians who have seen their country rapidly rebuilt, since the attempted destruction and dismantling under Boris Yeltsin. The west will only show their dislike of the rise of oligarchs, without explaining that it was necessary in order to create value and functioning industry and infrastructure. That “deal with the devil” moved the country forward, albeit at a cost.

The digital nomads.

The rise of digital nomadic lifestyles has been a thing since the covhoax. Initially there was a push to escape the dense festering urban centres of metropolitan madness and psychopathic hypochondria. At least, an escape to the peace and privacy of one’s own home. To grind through a day interacting with technology and interfaces mostly not suited to such long range disconnected burdens. As things quickly evolved, reliability and consistency increased and a wave of people moved further to rural areas living dreams of simpler lives. More time with their family, reduced commuting times, a better work-life balance, and an escape from the psychosis and mental illness of the modern workplace. There was no longer any need to listen to the purple haired liberal bag at the next cubicle ranting about bad orange man. Their Skype could be muted. They could be cancelled, using their own weapon against them. Revenge could be wrought against the office mask nazi by simply ignoring them.

There is far more to the “digital nomad” tag that someone working on a laptop at the beach for 4 hours a day “living the dream”. Imagine working from a penthouse suite in leafy Laureles, Medellin, Colombia paying a fraction of the rent back home. Living costs would be tremendously lower, learning a new language, eating well and healthily, working a few freelance jobs as a programmer or project manager, and running their own website for a side income. Maybe teaching English and yoga on the side too. The economic and social freedom is tangible, as is the lack of accountability to a grey programmed husk of a “boss”. When people grow and thrive like that, their lives are enhanced. They can exit the matrix.

A return to megalomania.

 More recently as the covhoax grip eased off, and the enforcement of bacteria infested masks and useless noxious non-vaccines faded, bosses are pushing hard to recall deeply entrenched resistant employees back to the cancerous workplace they have come to resent and detest. They seek to regain the control they have so sorely missed. There has definitely been a debate about the value delivery from remote workers, and having managed a team of high-quality remotes before, it is very much a difficult personality to recruit for. Skills and personality type are geared to a very unique character. They must be self-motivated, accountable, team workers, but also fiercely independent and proud of deliverables and value delivery. They may also not have thrived so well in formal, structured stuffy workplaces. They may resent interfering detail-heavy micromanaging bosses. Their conscientiousness is reflected in being able to carry a flexible schedule through and a day or week. They can come from creative or project management backgrounds. If they don’t have the background and proven remote working resume, they are worth testing and measuring to give them a chance to succeed.

The lazy stereotype of someone working from their kitchen table in pyjamas, as their baby cries in the background won’t cut it for the long term. They are the chaff of the system. Garbage employees in the workplace, third rate working from home.

The psychopathic overlords.

As employers return to their KPI’s and metrics and value delivery models the office manager overlords are now highly insecure. Demands are being placed on them, and as most intermediate managers are just talentless underlings without any motivational abilities, they are crumbling under pressure. Their droning mindless waffle is utterly demoralizing.

Their response is more rules, higher in-office attendance, and increased employee scrutiny. Just like the rank and file of government apparatchiks who believe more nonsensical rules are better. So they drag back to the cancerous toxic office and the subjugation to these incompetent overlords is hitting a brick wall. Talented remote workers who have adjusted to the new world of work are seeking other pastures. They can negotiate new packages, while demonstrating their value. The ability to work remotely is seeing people move state or province. But some people have been thinking on a bigger scale. They have used the last 3 years of the covhoax to assess their lives, relationships, and ways of living and working. They want more from life, and some have it figured out while others flounder and need help.

About psychopathic leadership:

The early retirees.

One phenomenon of the covhoax has been an expediting of early retirement. With noxious potions and mask mandates, people became tired of the hypochondria of the modern workplace. More rules, socialist distancing, bathroom limits, line ups, directional floor arrows, and rules and regulations pushed many people over the edge. Others were tired of endless targets, increasing goals, reducing workforces, increasing workloads, longer hours, reduced benefits, and the paucity of leadership and incompetence of teamworkers. Diversity hires might mean less competent colleagues were promoted over people’s heads, and that 30 years of work experience became devalued, because Abdul in Accounts got the job as HR Director despite not being able to write an articulate email full of clarity or any relevant skills.

They asked themselves if it was all worth it. The answer was a resounding “no”. It was not worth it to me, so I expedited my retirement by 6 years.

The US census indicated that 5.6% of people retired early or planned to. That’s a LOT of people. And this is replicated across the entire western economy. The employment market is collapsing and high quality labour is as rare as truth from the mouth of a politician.

A flood of economic refugees.

 The amount of people who have relocated globally includes those seeking a cheaper cost of living, as they simply could not afford to retire or retire early in the west. Increased grocery and heating costs have expedited this movement. Very few fit into the category of becoming nomadic dissidents. Due to their financial circumstances, most are happy to simply exist, and they become economically inactive in their new country. Most seem to go with the flow. Despite bringing some deeply embedded political baggage with them (bad orange man, Russian man bad) they are unlikely to form a new worldview.

The dissidents.

They are the dangerous ones. With the attributes stated earlier, they thrive in their new environment. They are the most adaptable, quickly learning new languages, customs, cultures and applying this to their worldview.

If you drew a conventional Venn diagram of these various personalities, you would see an overlap in the very centre where the dissidents, early retirees who are economically active, nomads, and other rogues and oddballs all meet.

Western governments need control to generate power over people. When the hordes wake up and challenge that power, either the governments backtrack or they double down harder on the peasant class. You need to find a way to remove that power and control over you. To sidestep it, evade it.

A few examples.

There are Americans living in Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. There are Europeans living in Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Montenegro, and Khazakstan. Canadians have moved to Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Mexico, and Ecuador.

Global independent alt_media has moved from established western cities, to Greece, Thailand, Ukraine, Russia, Colombia, and China. An ex-military guy from the UK provides excellent political narrative from Russia, while an American living in Thailand gives amazing global geopolitical insight. From the frontlines in Donbas we get the best insight from an American independent reporter. Online debates and discussions weave complex threads of opinions coming from every corner of the globe. You can engage with these resources and feel your intelligence and worldliness increase. Compare this to spending time digesting mainstream media, where you will feel as if you are spoken to like a child, your IQ will drop by the hour, and you will question the mindless babble that comes from husk-like droning “presenters” and “reporters”. You will feel liberated, sometimes challenged to make up your own mind and the alt_media merely presents you with opinion, facts, insight, conversation but then suggests you form your own worldview. It can be quite disconcerting. Yet, for those of us who resist being shouted at, dictated to, and sold a narrative, they serve as a highly nourishing food for the brain.

Requirements to succeed.

There are a few attributes that will help in your goal of becoming a global dissident nomad.

Income as a digital worker, a freelancer, investment revenue, a passive income from a business, a pension, or another income stream. Equity and financial assets help. Flexibility, previous migration experience, the desire to learn a language and new culture absolutely helps. An inquisitive nature and an open mind helps. The willingness to dismantle everything you have and rebuild your life is a huge asset. Frankly, money helps. It is a safety barrier, it makes life easy, and it just makes a global move much easier. I think one key reason why the middle class is being decimated and we have a general war on people’s prosperity is to make them far more desperate and reduce their options of escaping.

Being driven by the desire to cast off the shackles of totalitarian western dystopia is a good driving force, but remember there may be areas of the new culture you’re trying to integrate into that may be similar. It’s not all win-win, and compromises may be required to succeed. Chart your wins and losses and compare and evaluate. Rank the factors that are more personally important much higher.

Resilience is critical. If you’re worn down and need an escape, the various challenges posed by cultural integration and adaptation can be wearing. Absolutely don’t go for this route if you are depressed, cornered, and have no other option. Linguistic barriers can be exhausting and frustrating. Administration and legalities can leave you burned out and disillusioned. Don’t think it’ll be “easy”. But nothing worthwhile ever is, and the people linked in the resources below generally don’t show a “puppies and teddy bears” image of their life journey. We grow through challenges and overcoming difficulties, and we look back with humor and head shaking nostalgia as we move forward through life. The first year is always difficult, and I can tell you a few head shaking stories that I now chuckle at.

Simply be resolute and detailed in your research, reach out for advice, question information, watch for rose tinted glasses, and assume worst case scenarios. Question everything, and question motives. Double check your own paradigm. Critique your own research process. Never rush, take your time moving forward. Lay out and form an overall strategy and create REALISTIC goals for your move, but be flexible enough to realize that vision may change and shift a little. If things are quite what you expected, ask yourself why? Was it your fault, did you get bad advice, or things just went a little askew. Don’t beat yourself up too much. Try to distill away your presumptions and perceptions, and take things as they are. While it’s ok to compare and contrast, and that is especially helpful when passing on personal advice to others, keep it objective and factual. Pass on your failures to others, be real. Subjective unipolar narrow worldview advice is the worst type of resource available to researchers. It skews everything, and it sets people up for failure.

The most cutting piece of advice I can pass on is to be realistic with yourself, as far as your goals, your abilities to make this work, your preparation, motivation, research skills and financial, emotional, support, network, and other means and capabilities.

There’s nothing harder than walking away from your job, income, language, culture, friends, network and family. On the other hand, nothing is quite so liberating as making such a change successfully and confidently. If you are a “blank piece of paper” person, you should thrive. is a useful and fairly reliable tool to compare various countries and cities’ costs of living.

Recommended resources.

Here are a few examples, not only from a socio-political nature but also from a financial, cultural and immigration nature. It’s meant as a flavor of the types of information you can get from around the world. They may not be new to you personally, but they may help others. There’s much more of a political and Ukraine conflict nature on alternative video platforms such as Ruble, Odyssey, Telegram and such. I used youtube as it’s more accessible, more of a starting point for those curious and for who are seeking new insights. For general immigration and lifestyle resources each country has a wealth of various types of advice from willing people. That’s more into the details of making an international move, and out of the scope of this specific advice.

Ricky Daytona,

A global dissident nomad.