All historical socialist revolutions contain propaganda campaigns focused on the youth of a nation.

by Brad Salzberg

April 2, 2023

Founded in May 1920, it was originally named as the Socialist Youth League of China. When the communist party was officially established in July 1921, the Chinese Socialist Youth League was in the process of being set up throughout the country.

The Communist Youth League of China was a movement for youth between the ages of 14-28, run by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The Hitler Youth was the youth organization of the Nazi Party. Its origins date back to 1922. From 1936-1945, it was the sole official boys’ youth organization in Germany. It was composed of the Hitler Youth for male youths aged 14 to 18, and the Youngsters in the Hitler Youth for boys aged 10 to 14.

From an historical perspective, authoritarian revolutions are precipitated by organized indoctrination of the youth of a nation. Communist, fascist or otherwise, revolutionary leaders understood that government-sponsored propaganda campaigns are integral to the overturning of an established social order.

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