Canadian government, media and academia wouldn’t endorse this concept in 888 million light years.

by Brad Salzberg

March 31, 2023

Away from the Canadian media spotlight, a canker sore on the tongues of Christian communities continues to go unnoticed:

‘Hate Crimes Against Catholics Witness Largest Spike In Canada’

“The report, titled Toward a Hopeful Future: Facing Down Religious Hate, shows that hate crime against Catholic Christians jumped from 43 to 155 cases within a year between 2020 and 2021.”

Number of references to the rise of anti-Christian hate via mainstream media: zero– not a darn word. For what reason? Concerned Canadians should be asking themselves– in addition to  government representatives– why the following imbalance exists within society:

For what reason does the CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest omit anti-Christian bigotry, while writing endlessly regarding the so-called scourge that is “Islamophobia?”

Is this some kind of edict cast down from on-high? CAP happen to believe it is, as manifest in the Liberal-NDP Socialist Coalition government.