(Pictured, two Canadian politicians working for the worst interests of “Old Stock” Canadians.)

Why is it that government-media chose to hold back Anglophone-Canadians transition to a minority community from public knowledge?

by Brad Salzberg


March 30, 2023

“In 2021, 57% of the residents of the metropolitan area of Toronto belonged to a visible minority group, compared with 13% in 1981.”

Some may recall the headline of an article in the Globe & Mail which read like this:

“Toronto, Ontario Transfers To Minority White City”

In truth, no one could recall this– because it has never appeared in the G & M, or in any other mainstream media publication. More than likely that it never will.

Why not? What is it about Anglophone-Canadians transition to a minority community which government and media chose to hold back from public knowledge? CAP transcribe the long-term ramifications:

It is possible that white Canadians will transition to a minority community on a national level without media informing the public that it has occured. Why would a monumental, nation-changing demographic transformation be treated as less important than the final score of a Maple Leafs-Senators hockey game?

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