One million people were added to the population of Canada in 2022, with immigration accounting for 95% of growth.

by Brad Salzberg

March 28, 2023

Within Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada, political advocacy based on ethnic identity has transitioned to the flavour of the month. In fact, just about every month in our calendar year serves to spice up ethnic pride, in addition to religious community and LGBT aggrandizement.

Black History Month, Islamic History Month, Sikh Heritage Month. Holy Cow– even a Tamil Heritage Month is celebrated on Canadian soil. In the province of Quebec, hands have been wringing for decades regarding preservation of French-Canadian language, culture and heritage.

Naturally, Canada in 2023 wouldn’t be complete without LGBT Heritage Month, and its emphasis on Transgender rights. Let’s not let the fact that 99% of Canadians are non-transgendered stand in the way of Liberal government-funded sex-change promotional campaigns. Did you know? Trudeau’s Liberals are now offering a bursary of $75,000 to federal government employees who wish to transition from male to female, and vice versa.

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  1. It’s ok to be white.
    It’s ok to celebrate anything and everything of our ethnic European origin.
    It’s ok to celebrate anything and everything that is traditionally Canadian.
    It’s ok to celebrate Christian values and defend those to be the basis of Canadian and western world ideals.
    It’s ok to celebrate traditional male/female rolls and family values.
    It’s ok to be heterosexual and defend as natural and normal heterosexual norms.
    It’s ok to advocate and defend Free Market based economic ideals.
    It’s ok to demand that any and all Marxist Communist based BACKWARDS THEY ARE values BE MADE ILLEGAL in our nation and western world.
    It’s ok for any true citizens to demand any and all politicians and civil servants who dare undermine and/or do treason against our nation and our western peers be charged, tried and sentenced to true justice /prison including if need be due to seriousness of transgressions put to death for such things.

  2. Les, the evil that wants to exterminate the white population (which makes up 8% of the world population, so PLEASE tell me how that’s not a minority) will do everything they can to devalue them, first. It makes the extermination easier when no one cares, right? Fortunately, they are still struggling with that first part, or else the extermination would have been done and over with. Extermination is wrong, not matter what group it is, but the mental sickos that cling to power and money like drug addicts are too utterly and willfully blinded and stupid to understand.

    Multiculturalism does not work. It was never meant to work. Canada will always be a failed example of that. Same with all the countries in Europe that have it being shoved down their throats, since the only thing is has accomplished is creating problems, not solving them. It was designed to serve as a distraction, a way to keep everyone at each other’s throats while the ruling class continues their agendas and campaigns with far less opposition. The more peaceful cultures in the world are the monocultures. They may have immigrants sprinkled in, but because there is a requirement for them to assimilate into the existing culture, rather than being allowed to destroy it from the inside, they remain relatively peaceful.

  3. Kuro-chan.

    I agree with pretty well much of what you said. The evil that wants to exterminate white population is more than just that. It uses attacks on the most successful population, culture/values and economies in history and that was and is white, Euro/American- centric cultures who built it all. These evil beings will subjugate any and all other cultures and races along with using the most successful society in that of white culture as a whipping boy.

    IT’S A HATE FOR HUMANITY! Not humans as these evil ones are human beings as well, but psychopaths and sociopaths lust for control and despise any society or culture that first revels and trusts in God and the True God with Jesus as his offered Salvation and a society built on liberty and justice. It’s again just that white society, culture and history has most closely been associated with those values.

    But the real crux is to these sick, evil people who live to subvert and undermine white society, culture and history is that white population has NEVER kept or prevented the spread of its success, ideals, culture, economics and values from others. Japan post WWII being one example. The US led successful western/white dominated society rebuilt Japan, bringing it into a modern light while not forcing Japan to abandon its culture and history, but to merge it into a western world fold of success.

    These Satanic worshiping control freaks will if they could eliminate all white populations and values move onto other races, cultures as a such to subjugate and yes even destroy them as well. But it must start with vilifying and attacking the grand white western world culture and history first.

    These evil douchebags using Marxist-like ideals brainwashed and brainwash western women first. Look back at all these so called liberal, leftist movements since just the 1960’s and you will they targeted as stooges firstly western liberal mostly white women.

    The women’s vote in political and culture is for most an emotional even irrational vote over logic and common sense. You see it today in how these women can’t define WHAT A WOMAN IS ANYMORE! Look at videos of Drag Queen story hours with children. It’s 90+% women who drag their kids to these. Look at modern Gay Pride Parades and again it’s mostly excusing the homosexuals and lesbians who are mostly in the parades, not watching them, but these women and mostly white women of a liberal virtue signalling bent who watch, cheer and drag their kids if they have them to pervert them at these parades.

    Take away the women’s vote short of women with skin the game such as owning successful businesses, owning real estate and/or joining the military having the vote while in the military and we will begin to see things change back to more natural, traditional ways and as such generally the for the better with 10 years.

    Think about it.