(Pictured, PM Justin Trudeau, praying to the woke globalist gods.)

Justin Trudeau and back-up quarterback Jagmeet Singh have only just begun to get the globalist ball rolling.

by Brad Salzberg


March 27, 2023

Ancient Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu said it best:

“The most effective war is a silent war.”

Considering the recent dust-up regarding alleged Chinese government interference in Canadian federal elections, the timing is right for further exploration of the  phenomenon of covert warfare.

Times change, and so do tactics utilized in successful warfare. Post-modern warfare is waged from within a society.

Today’s weaponry includes government propaganda, media obfuscation, and in terms of Canada specifically, what one may call the woke liberal ethos. In truth, our nation has been transitioned to a status unique among countries of the world.

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  1. If the Turd has such a problem with English Canada, then he should be aloud into the rest of Canada. Make him stay in Quebec and NB. Inform him that he IS NOT the PM of Western Canada and he should not be visiting for any reason whatsoever. The same goes for Diaperhead Singh, he may be “representing” Burnaby but he isn’t from there and should be given the boot.
    The two criminals need to be taken care of once and for all they are not what they seem to think they are. They are liars, cheats, and Traitors, as are the rest of the Federal and Provincial politicians.
    If they don’t like this country the way it is then they need to GET OUT and STAY OUT!!!