“One in 20 Canadians are observing the month’s festivities. Mohamed Najaf says there’s still work to be done to educate the other 19.”

by Brad Salzberg


March 25, 2023

One might think it to be on the level of the Second Coming. Such is the rise of Ramadan celebrations in Canada. This year– as with every year that passes– mainstream media’s promotional vehicle is hitting new heights.

From coast-to-coast, Trudeau’s in-the-pocket media disseminators are hyping the heck out of the annual 30-day celebration of Islam’s holiest day.

“Muslims in the Maritimes prepare for a month of fasting between sunrise to sunset.

“Muslims in Ottawa and around the world began fasting this week, marking the holy month of Ramadan.”

“Winnipeg Islamic community shares dinner, Ramadan teachings with non-Muslims”

Thank God for that. Otherwise, Canadians might go about their business devoid of the knowledge that they must educate themselves in the ways of archaic 7th century religion.

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