Chart of the Day (CotD) March 24, 2023
This CotD was inspired by the recent Easton Spectator article “Record excess deaths in Canadian province of Nova Scotia – 1:1000 population died
in 2022” by Dr. William Makis, MD. Nova Scotia (NS) Covid-19 data trend is relatively unique in Canada as the Covid related death (CRD) rate was
essentially zero from June 2020 to April 2021 (i.e. the curve was flat). The vaccination program was initiated in December 2020, however, injections
really began to accelerate in July 2021 resulting in a 69 percent increase in CRDs by mid-December 2021. The booster program was initiated in
December 2021 with an extremely high rate of uptake into the spring of 2022. CRDs have increased over 700 percent as 695 NS citizens have died
in the last 15 months. The vaccine-to-deaths correlation is clearly evident. Total CRDs of 805 to date represent 1 per 1,207 of population.


the Chart of the Day (CotD) for Nova Scotia covid vaccines and related deaths.  Once again, the data speaks for itself.