by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford


March 24, 2023

Let the 172 MP’s who voted for the Government To Call An Inquiry into Foreign Election Interference return to Parliament and amend that motion to put the Peoples ‘House in control.

The Government of Canada Has Disqualified Itself From Conducting An Inquiry Into Foreign Interference In Federal Elections —-!

Haven’t we learned enough already ?

A. The Federal Public Order Commission was flawed, an embarrassment to any integrity loving Canadian . The Government examining itself !

B. The National  Citizen Inquiry broke its own rules of non government involvement when its spokesman simultaneously took $250,000 to be part of a Government Inquiry .

C. The Alberta Government Ignored their peoples’ House , its Legislature , and set up its inquiry to examine itself, hiring the conflict of interest spokesman of the National Citizens Inquiry as its leader.

D. The Chief Justice , our top Judge , and our Prime Minister without evidence or a trial , spoke disparagingly in public statements of the people involved in the legitimate truckers’ protest .

Without the Parliament taking control I believe  the citizens of this country have no guarantee or trust that justice will be done on this issue given the lack of justice and integrity cited above on other important issues facing this country.

Our last vestige of hope for some integrity to be put back into our democracy is for the Federal Parliament , now that a semblance of backbone and accountability is being displayed by a majority of MP ‘s , is ——-

Not to go halfway—no half measures here but for these 172 MP’s to —-

Take control and show Canadians that indeed they stand for integrity and truth in our Federal Politics. 

Don’t follow the Emergencies Act and have the Government examine itself.

Let’s stop the the intrigue behind closed doors!

Now we will see whether The Conservatives and NDP are playing the same old style politics or whether they really are serious about accountability and transparency and real Parliamentary Democracy .

I will send this article to the parliamentary offices of the Leader of the Conservative Party and the Leader of the New Democratic Party.

A. Brian Peckford