NDP leader Jagmeet Singh was selected to play back-up quarterback to Justin Trudeau’s end run around democratic governance in Canada.

by Brad Salzberg


March 23, 2023

“[We made] parties dependent on a marketplace of small contributions rather than on a combination of big donors and government subsidies,” stated former PM Stephen Harper this week at the Canada Strong and Free Networking Conference.

“That system, by the way, doesn’t include support from foreign governments.”

As presented in contrast to a Liberal Party political scandal exemplified by the following:

A story published by the Globe and Mail in March, 2023, states that Canadian security officials linked a Liberal Party donation to the Chinese government:

“The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation is returning a donation worth thousands of dollars made by an adviser to the Chinese government. In 2016, Zhang Bin, a wealthy Chinese businessman and adviser to the Chinese government, made a donation to the foundation worth $200,000.”

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