Dr. William Makis and Dr. Paul Alexander discuss mature minors given COVID shots in Canada with no parental consent, pilots collapsing in flight due to possible vaccine induced myocarditis, one pilot disaster and many high school students having heart attacks post COVID gene shot and needing defibrillators.




  1. Parental Consent? They are bypassing all forms of consent everywhere. Parental Consent used to be a big deal when I was in school for (just about) anything and everything to avoid the liability. with this garbage, liability is a non-issue to the point they are finding ways to sneak this death poison into our bodies whether we want it or not. I think the level of opposition to this garbage is MUCH greater than any Ministry of Truth is ever going to admit; if they were able to sell this whole artificial crisis as real, you would have everyone lining up, not having to resort to threats and coercion to get your numbers up. You cannot have an effective narrative if no one believes you.
    Luckily for the MoT, they’ve dumbed down enough people that they can get them to believe anything, especially when it’s been proven to be a lie time and time and time again (Right Scamdemic? Right 9/11? Right Kennedy? Right Ukraine? Right Jan 6th?). It’s not amazing that idiots keep falling for the same trick given how retarded everyone has become. It’s like a dog who keeps falling for the same trick where they expect you to throw a ball, but they make the arm movements and never threw it. Normally, after a while, the dog stops because they realize you are playing them for a fool. If they don’t, the dog gets called dumb. Well, guess what? The average citizen in Canuckistan is dumber than a dog.

    Meanwhile, consider looking at this video. It’s details a nurse’s experience with what went on in hospitals. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same nonsense was happening up here.


    I remember the interview with Dr. Kalina and how she spoke of how during the 18 months she was in emergency, she only dealt with two people that tested positive for the flu– I MEAN COVID! And that’s with a test that was never designed for this level of diagnosis and has been severely manipulated to make Kiwis and Coca-cola pass it, meaning it’s more likely she never had anybody and merely dealt with people who had colds.

    • A funny narrative to something so terrible and true..when will our families, friends and neighbours wake up…thanks💕🇨🇦🇺🇸