Dear Canvassers, Volunteers and Supporters,  

Here are the results of the David Eby Recall Campaign.  

77 Volunteers  

271 Registered Canvassers  

116 Active Canvassers  

2,737 Total Signatures Collected.  

As the recall proponent, I am not sad that we did not obtain the  required signatures to recall David Eby. Nobody knew what Bill 36 was  all about and how it would affect their own lives and that of their  children and grandchildren’s lives. We distributed well over 80, 000  pieces of information in an educational campaign.  

I would like to personally thank Rick for his dedication and commitment  who was there every day for 60 days in the most inclement of weather.  

We did a phenomenal job and we educated the voters of Vancouver Point  Grey. That’s something to be proud of. We were the news, radio, TV and  social media. Feel proud that we all made a huge difference.  

Our sincere thanks to all the team leaders, volunteers and canvassers  for their incredible commitment and team effort both within and outside  the Point Grey riding during the Recall. We also want to recognize the  volunteers and canvassers who traveled far distances to join and  support canvassing in the Point Grey riding. We truly appreciate  everyone’s support and generosity, whether in time and resources,  donations and encouragements.  

We demonstrated that the power is in people, when we stand together and  take action for truth, accountability and freedom.  

There were thousands of potential voters that would have signed the  petition but were reluctant to put their name on a petition for fear of  reprisals from their government.  

We may have lost the battle, but the fight for freedom continues to  educate the people of British Columbia. We are committed to changing  that perspective.  

There is a core group of committed individuals who are developing a  strategic People Power Movement going forward to take back our  province where the people are in control of their destiny and not the  government.  

We look forward to any and all interested in joining us to break free  from our traditional strategies in past elections and maximize the  power we have always had, but haven’t been able to place in a common  direction… stay tuned…  


Salvatore Vetro  


David Eby Recall Campaign  




  1. This was an incredible campaign that has raised awareness about Bill36. The amount volunteers and active registered canvassers was astounding! People from as far as Prince George and Penticton came down and helped to educate public about contents and concerns around this appalling bill. I have never experienced such unity, perseverance, dedication and commitment. It truly brought us together and gave us a very good sense of what needs to be done going forward. I have had many incredible conversations with many people who live in PG area or elsewhere. People have had enough, they want change, they are fed up with lack of transparency and accountability from the BC govern-ment. People of BC have definitely spoken and this is just a beginning!

  2. Hi Megan,

    Thank you the compliment and expressing the truth of what took place during the David Eby Recall Campaign.
    We did our job informing British Columbians about the appalling Bill 36 and how it will affect each and every human being living in BC. The NDP invoked closure, cut off debate and all the while, people were to busy with Christmas. No town halls, nothing to inform the people and yet the NDP party had the audacity to promote their unelected Premier during the recall campaign and not 1 promotional video mentioned Bill 36. It was all about David Eby and how wonderful he is but we know the truth.

    Where was the main stream media on Bill 36? I guess they too were muzzled or paid off not to write any stories about Bill 36.

    We will continue to discuss the issues that are important to the citizens of British Columbia.

    We have lost the first battle but The Movement™ has just begun. We represent the countless British Columbian voices who are fed up and are ready to stand up.

    Please keep an eye on our social media pages for the next few weeks while we prepare to unveil to the people of British Columbia the plan for taking back our province.

    Salvatore Vetro
    Committed to having your say in a free and democratic society.

  3. Great work and many thanks to everyone who participated! I really appreciate the perspective of this as a taking off point. It’s far from over and there’s a lot of work to do because as you say most of it is about education.

    Those of us who see deeply into the agenda rolling out will never give up. We are simply honing our skills and learning about what works.

  4. The entire Recall and Referendum law in BC is rigged against the people of BC.

    The biggest hurdle is the extreme time limitation. 3 months to gather a huge amount of signatures from REGISTERED voters only.

    In the United States, the states that have referendums generally allow 1-2 years to collect signatures. And they only require about 5% of ELIGIBLE voters to sign the paperwork and get the measure onto the ballot.

    The only successful referendum I remember in BC is the one to repeal the harmonized sales tax HST.

    For a recall against the Premier to be successful, you would need a longer time period to collect signatures. And it should be where anybody in British Columbia is eligible to sign the paperwork.

    Good Try !!!