March 16th, 2023: “Florida joined seven other states Thursday in restricting transition-related medical care for minors.”

by Brad Salzberg

March 22, 2023

March 16th, 2023: “Florida joined seven other states Thursday in restricting transition-related medical care for minors.”

As published by NBC News in the United States. As buried by CBC News in Canada.

March 21st, 2023: Missouri Senate grants approval for a pair of bills that would limit medical procedures for transgender children. The legislation that would ban puberty blockers, hormone therapy and surgeries for individuals younger than 18.

Kansas, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Texas have bills moving through their legislatures to ban care for people under 21. TexasWyoming and New Hampshire have bills that also categorize gender-affirming care as child abuse under state law.

Arkansas:  SB199 makes it easier to sue health providers who provide gender-affirming care to a minor, effectively bringing back the state’s blocked ban.

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  1. Meanwhile we have a house of elites who want to keep ramming this unnatural mental illness down our throats the whole time. The C-11 garbage, for instance, which will face the usual lack of opposition, exposing our children to more acts of pedo’ism (Which is part of what this is all about; I said months ago the goal of 2023 is to normalize that).

    We have more courage in American families and parents who oppose this garbage and refuse to be cowed than just about anyone else in the western ‘controlled’ world. We certainly don’t have that up here in Canuckistan. Makes me wonder which of the two controlled states are more cowed.