I admit that most days I do truly despair. I grab some fresh coffee, crank up the iMac, and scan my usual array of global alt-media resources to get updated on the progress of the insane amount of “madness virus” being unloaded upon humanity’s conscience. I don’t do a deep dive, as that’s saved solely for topics that I’m really invested in and interested in. This is purely a high level daily scan conducted to search for updates, new signs of activity, and changes in the overall trend and direction such things are taking. Perhaps today is the day that far more people will realize that the “war” in Ukraine was insitaged way before February 2022, in fact some time leading up to 2014. Perhaps more people will mention what happened in Odessa instead of the Maidan coup. Or not…

The other thing I do quite regularly is scan the msm for a calculation of how the reality of global affairs compares with the projected parallel madness-universe created by the mainstream media. This is most noticeable now with events in Ukraine, as the vast disconnect between the Russian slow paced and very strategic long-term military and political thinking compares to the knee jerk hysteria and outrage of western (mainly US and UK) media interpretation of events. Like watching a world champion chess player square up to a 10 year old girl who challenges them to hopscotch. The other tool I use, and I really do suggest it for those of you who may also fall into a state of despair, is to look at the comments made by the NPC normies on such articles, You’ll see for yourself the real disconnect between public opinion and msm position. Many comments are brutal in the criticism and cynicism. And it does give you some sense of hope, that as msm engagement and readership declines, they have to become a government sponsored arm of propaganda. Thus they are even less trusted and the circle completes as they lose advertising revenue and readership exposure, and have to prostitute themselves even further to grab government coffers with their greedy greasy hands. This cycle helps perpetuate the move towards trusted, smaller, self-published alt-media where there are more genuine journalism efforts undertaken by people seeking just a modest income, yet people that have integrity and ethics. Of course, there is much babble and nonsense within alt-media, and I think that is something we all have to work through. Fact-check and research for yourself before sharing resources. Avoid strange bizarre rambling rabbit holes, and remain objective and reasonable. Question any gaps, assumptions, and call out pure whackadoodle publishing. There’s a very good reason for this. It helps to remove anything that can be used to undermine alt-media and the overall what I would call “The Resistance” forming against the globalists globohomo operation upon humanity. I am convinced that some of the more outlandish stuff I see shared is down to two things. Firstly, a real desperation for “good news” means that people will cling to anything for hope (see Q). Secondly, people still haven’t got used to filtering and processing sources, thinking that just because a resource aligns on “our side” it’s not riddled with babble and nonsense. Thirdly, they fail to recognize just how much harm can be done from sharing these dubious resources.

So that’s my routine and the way I process things; checking, measuring and monitoring the overall state of the world. Researching and analyzing, critiquing things, considering the message and source. Forming my own worldview based on my own ethics, principles, and values. Yours might be a little bit different. Your priorities may be set in a different order. Some issues may drive you crazy and form the pointy end of everything you’re fighting against. But overall, we probably fit into the same generic “box” fighting our corner against all sorts of lies, manipulation, evil, oppression, tyranny and malevolence.

For me over the last few years a few points have shifted in priority order. However, the most key issue I’ve railed against at any specific time over this moving fluid timeline has always tended to turn me a little bit crazy. Part of this is my personality, as I would admit to getting rather agitated when pressed and pressured by others especially those in “government” or those that think they sit in power over top of “government”. I despise being told what to do and being dictated to. Conformists and dull obedient grey skinned state apparatchiks would call me “anti-authoritarian”. Of course I am, and fiercely. As a relatively advanced being in terms of consciousness and intellect, as well as resourceful, independent, and critical of thinking, what infuriates me is the absolute incompetence of those “in power”. The waste, inefficiency, poor decision making, mindless babbling idiocracy, not only have I seen it for myself when working in the public sector but this is on show for the entire world to see. A mumbling incoherent idiot heads one of the world’s most powerful and dangerous warmongering nations. I do not suffer fools gladly and so I have very little patience for most of this nonsense.

I admit that I see the world we now exist in through an exhausted, weary lens and one that is cynical towards much of what we are being subjected to these days. Most of the time I feel like we are now a minority species, one that has diverged and separated from the mass of humanity that lumbers, shuffles and mumbles through its mundane daily existence. Events of the past three years in particular, and now more recent events seem to be clarifying that divergence. I mention this in passing to a few people, and they tend to agree that sometimes one feels as if they are encountering a different life form. It outwardly resembles the same basic form, but interactions are so different. People are alive, living, conscious entities that you can engage with, or are a dull hollowed out non-sentient husk. Try the experiment for yourself and see what comes from it. Are we divergent?

On the basis of such a dark grim worldview, I have tried a few different ways to “manage” this existence. Of course it’s not much fun, as one would always prefer a world of puppies and rainbows. But a coping mechanism is needed. The first step is detachment from it all. Imagine if you will, being an alien lifeform dropped into this physical world, or this dimensional projection. Your task is to observe, interact, gather information, process it and report back. You must not intervene or change the course of events as they unfold. Let them do as they wish.

The first consideration is regarding the government sanctioned bioweapon. When you carve up the government approach to inducing the vast herd to take it, you can see there are a few structured silos that people were put into. This criterion generally applies wherever in the world the medication-inoculation was delivered, and this raises the question of the overall “design” of this project.

Firstly the unquestioning high trust low IQ herd were invited to line up at the jabbatoirs tempted by trinkets such as free hamburgers, cookies and fries. Basic low value offerings, and a psychological operation that indicated they would be a part of something. Maybe for the first time in their meaningless lives full of ennui, they could vouch for themselves as a virtue signaling entity. Similar to the way the low-income peasant masses line up to pay a few dollars or pounds to help make multimillionaire sports stars even wealthier. Wearing their sports club colours was now eclipsed by changing the social media avatar to a “get vaccinated” image. Better still, the equivalent of getting a sports club season ticket was to get boosted and also demand that of others within the low hierarchy herd. That became the equivalent of the team chant. It all gives some meaning to their empty vacuous lives. Government would propagate that seed deep into their conscience and they would happily spread it around, as it had even more fertility coming from their own kind.

Further along the delineated population experiment, was the offer of “freedoms”. One could travel on public transit, visit a restaurant, or do some other meaningless tasks based on earned social (medical) credit. These options were less voluntary, but having eliminated the vast amount of willing brain donors, it attacked the next group on the spectrum. As a fairly broad-brush approach, a few people would be trapped into this category for example those that needed to commute, or travel internationally by air. We can see that the resistance was pretty low and not many held out at this stage from within the target group (although hold outs overall were fairly fierce beyond this group). It did seem to push a few to start questioning things more. Purely as an intelligence test, how could you consciously imagine that a government could grant you “freedoms”? Do you have no value, are you a worthless peon, a subject? Not even capable of deciding your own manifest destiny?

As the pincers tightened further on us, the next group were those where employment pressures would be applied. This had a dual effect. Firstly, it raised concerns and got more people questioning and researching, and hold outs were very clearly delineated against those who would receive the noxious injecticide “for work”. If at this point you resisted, you made certain sacrifices. Or maybe you were able to utilize means such as financial resources to take time out, retire early, or find alternative employment or replacement income. Some suffered considerable losses for their hold out position, and I know of many who lost jobs and had to reengineer their entire lives. Most will never look back, and if they weren’t fully awake just before this final attack on them, they were pretty close at that point, joining the wide awake club. We saw an explosion of self-realization. People moved jobs, counties, states, countries and continents. There was a huge realization, a sense of finality in all of this. Lives would change forever and now was a chance to seize the opportunity. It is noticeable that PhD’s were very unlikely to yield, because they have independent thinking skills, research ability, and are fairly resourceful and accustomed to finding out for themselves. Generally speaking someone with a PhD will tear you apart in debate and conversation, but they are extremely good company in terms of exchanging ideas, verifying opinions, and brainstorming with. In intellectual terms they are a far more highly advanced species than the average drone interviewed by the msm on the streets.

Beyond that, there’s not much left to the categorization analysis, but you can see how an overarching health strategy used various silo effect tactics to try to break people’s wills. Look at yourself, your own experiences, and those of friends, work colleagues and family. Identify the breaking points. Remember the excuses and justifications used at the time at each stage of surrender.

Stepping back and using that detached sense of alienation from this vast mindless herd, there’s a different rationale to the silo approach. Many refer to the cov-hoax as a “cull” and I think it’s important to consider this aspect. If you look at those most likely to succumb, are they valuable? Of course, I’m not a monster. All life is valuable, to some extent. But overall, on a value delivery basis, what is the actual variable value of human life? Were those that succumbed earlier in the experiment the least likely to have functioning cognitive and analytical ability? Were they easily tempted by cookies and free movie tickets? Did they spend time researching and analyzing the risk-reward? Were they least resourceful, willing to sacrifice on a personal basis rather than study and spend time as a consideration for their very own existential being? Interviews and statements from them as victims of the bioweapon have me tearing my hair out, as they wail they “did not know” or were told it was “safe”. Yet we were called names, insulted, shown photos of cats wearing tinfoil hats. One must keep a sharp memory and not let this fade from view. We were marginalized and treated as if we were a lower caste.

It’s a sliding scale and of course a few may have been compromised or had to make tough choices, such as people with loved ones in end-of-life care homes, the entrepreneur with business interests in multiple countries, etc. Generally speaking, they are the ones I feel most for. I look at the vast herd with a cold detached perspective. The complex design and execution, as well as the ability to somewhat disguise this strategy from the public, is obviously the work of very skilled and intelligent manipulators. Government nudge units and teams of psychologists and behavioral experts were involved, and this has been proven in the UK for example by the types of people that sat on SAGE committees and the input and advice they themselves were getting from outside.

Take a minute to consider whether this all seemed like a complex experiment to sort out the wheat from the chaff, to cull the least useful and lowest value-delivery members of society.

Then we should move on to the next current social experiment du-jour, albeit conducted on a much smaller scale. That of gender reassignment. If the powers that claim to be, this devious Malthusian entity, that may exist in some formal structured manner or may just be a loose unofficial collection of similarly aligned bodies. What would they do to those within society who have mental illnesses, personality weaknesses. If you were in a position to reduce the population and to targeted specific groups, what strategies would be used?

You might start to open up routes and avenues for help. You might offer support mechanisms such as medical and financial. Facilitating this option might become “trendy”. You would most certainly give this as much media support as possible, even creating laws to avoid attacks and criticism. Trying to pull this out of the deep human psyche so that a certain type of cull could be as comprehensive as possible. Yet it would be extremely sophisticated and subtle in design. Just like the bioweapon experiment, you might want to bring out as many of the voluntary victims as possible in the first tranche.

Yet you might ask, well how does this work as a cull, they are using up valuable medical resources and getting publicity? Well, it’s pretty simple. If you wanted to remove from the species any further desire to change gender, any sort of gender dysphoria, any form of sexual confusion, why not simply expedite the end of their lineage by ensuring they cannot reproduce further. The weakness is eradicated, removed from a massive amount of the weak and vulnerable. Over a generation, or maybe just less, much of this human weakness could be eradicated, with the rest mopped up using a different more evolved, or maybe more brutal, form of population control. The cost may be astronomical, but it would be a one time exercise. Perhaps those raging so outlandishly against the more normal, conventional and rational society don’t know what can of worms they have opened up. They culled themselves, in the form of ending their lineage. Surely the most profound of ways to admit total self-destruction. They are at the end of the line, and the stupid low IQ herd don’t even realize it.

We may rail and protest against all of this, as it may seem so bizarre and unnatural. The social conflict and deep division is palpable regarding this issue. But maybe the architects of this experiment seem to know what they are doing. The vast cull works in many ways, it is complex and difficult to process. The ethics are hard to digest and sit very uneasily.

Maybe we should just sit back and watch it all unfold with an inquisitive but detached calm perspective. We are a divergent species now, and maybe we can allow ourselves the pleasure of watching our enemy destroy themselves.

Ricky Daytona

West Kelowna