“A dangerous remedy that has previously only been common in authoritarian states like Russia and China— not in democratic states.”

by Brad Salzberg


March 20, 2023

OpenMedia describe themselves as a “community-driven organization that works to keep the Internet open, affordable, and surveillance-free.” In September 2021, they offered as ominous take on the future of internet censorship in Canada:

“The Liberals have unveiled a cynical plan to make Canada’s internet the most censored and surveilled in the democratic world.”

“It would transform them into reporting agents to CSIS and the RCMP— and it puts the actual needs of victims of hate speech and harmful content online dead last.”

Extrapolating their messaging informs Canadians that the internet censorship agenda pushed by PM Justin Trudeau and the Liberals has little to do with prevention of hate speech, and everything to do with our prime minister’s number one obsession.

Absolute control of Canadian society. The proposed legislation will:

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