Won’t take no for an answer…



  1. They are doing exactly the same thing down in Illinois in the states at a country fairground, same amount offered they are also asking in the US at the same time as paid testing regarding what firearms you own.
    Very suspicious!

  2. The guy who had those multiple agents at his door, then finally one who makes a comment about his family totally dropped the ball. I would have tried to gather as much information about the agent in question, then immediately got a hold of my lawyer and pushed a lawsuit against Health Canada for threatening my family, because that is EXACTLY what the 3rd agent did. I certainly would have. The agent pushed an agenda, he met resistance, then immediate makes passive comments about his family, implying their own health/safety was at stake. I know if I was an employee working at some place and I said that after receiving multiple “No”s to something, a lawsuit heading my way would be expected. THAT sort of behaviour is akin to a mafia/cartel pretending to be a religion/etc.; they go after your family in the form of a veiled threat if you do not do as you are told. It would be important to go as public about it as possible, get in touch with independent media and make as big a stink as possible.

    I also suspect this is not Health Canada at all. The brochure uses the correct typefont, the total inconsistencies of the money offered (to me) is more telling that this it not Health Canada at all, just some 3rd party given handouts of our taxpayer money to conduct this garbage. Whether or not Health Canada is behind this or not is unknown; anyone with access to easy funds can easily print up forged decals, get truck trailers and equipment to set up all this stuff. And like if what says Adair McLennan says is true and this is happening in the states as well, this sounds like a coordinated event against civilians, on a whole and has nothing to do with ‘health’.

    A lawsuit would have forced Health Canada into an actual position on this, too, whether they had to confirm or deny, in which case it would force attention that foreign agencies are collecting biological data on the population for… what? A weapon? A way to wipe out all life in Canada in one stroke? You should always assume the worst with this sick f-bombs.