While evidence was destroyed in Canada, the United States began a decades-long probe into illicit Canada-China political behaviour.

by Brad Salzberg


March 18, 2023

Speaking on the topic of Chinese government influence, former military and RCMP intelligence official Scott McGregor stated that “Canada was aware of these threats for 25 years and has allowed them to manifest.”

The longevity of China’s influence on Canadian politics, business and education has long been a focal point for Cultural Action Party of Canada. The history of Canada-China relations, and more specifically Liberal Party-Chinese government collusion, is in no way limited to the current election interference scandal.

“The memo expresses alarm over Beijing’s influence over legitimate enterprise; it mentions, in a passing reference, the existence of FBI biographies for several Canadian business leaders from that era, as well as a Canada-China business group.”

A former CIA official and expert on Chinese espionage tactics states that “from my perspective it’s like, welcome to the party, Canada. You’ve woken up,” said Nicholas Eftimiades. “It’s amazing it’s gone on so long.”

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