Canada’s former Chinese ambassador David Mulroney says there is “abundant evidence to support the existence of Beijing’s plan to influence Canadian politicians at all levels of government.”

by Brad Salzberg

March 17, 2023

“Despite the Liberal Party having no shortage of wealthy supporters, in its first years the Trudeau Foundation was attracting fewer donations than even some high school softball teams; as late as 2008 the group could boast only $2,000 in annual fundraising.”

Then came political contender for prime minister, Justin Trudeau. On at least one occasion, Canadian media wrote of a dramatic increase in funding directed toward the not-for-profit Trudeau Foundation. Lost in translation is a common theme of monies donated from a homogenous source.

As reported by the National Post, from the moment that Justin Trudeau announced his candidacy, “the foundation bearing his father’s name was suddenly barraged by millions of dollars in unsolicited donations.”

‘Trudeau Defends Fundraiser With Chinese Businessman Who Donated $200,000 To Father’s Foundation’

It’s China, so any Canadian worth their salt knows that Justin Trudeau will defend the endeavor. The pattern is so ubiquitous one could believe our PM works for the government of China, and not the people of Canada.

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