Pictured are Trudeau’s choice for election interference “rapporteur” David Johnston with the President of China.

by Brad Salzberg


March 16, 2023

Responding to criticism of a vacation taken by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the home of Ismaili-Muslim leader the Aga Khan, our PM stated that “I’ve always considered the Aga Khan a close family friend, which is why I didn’t clear this family trip in the first place.”

Interesting it is to note the same status Trudeau has accorded to his choice for Chinese Election interference “rapporteur” David Johnston. In 2017, Mr. Trudeau described Johnston as “a family friend, a man of strength, intelligence and compassion.” 

Upon which Cultural Action Party draw a brazen conclusion: it’s more likely that the Aga Khan would find the Liberals guilty of election interference collusion than David Johnston.

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