Pierre Poilievre -Don’t Wait —Take Big Pharma To Court NOW Over Covid Vaccine Deaths and Opioid Deaths

by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford


March 15, 2023

You promise if you win the Government TO TAKE Big Pharma  to court over opioid deaths . What about Covid vaccine deaths?

We all know what happens to such promises .They get watered down or eliminated altogether.

Stop kicking the can down the road !

Introduce a bill , resolution now in the House of Commons calling on the present Government to take Big Pharma to court —

For Covid Vaccine Deaths and Opioid Deaths.

If they refuse ask your Party to initiate such action. You are bragging about the millions of dollars you raise .

Put it to some real use —NOW!

I am sure your members would even contribute more .

Embarrass the GOVERNMENT.

Stop the TALK

Let’s see the ACTION!







  1. Honorable Brian peckford. You are spot on the money take action now don’t wait for you to become the government keep on embarrassing them and like you stated take them to court now show the people that you’re worthy of being the next prime minister of Canada.