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by Rhoda Wilson

The Expose

March 15, 2023

Last week the Government of British Columbia, Canada, announced legislation to “correct outdated language.” Apparently, it’s so trans and non-binary people can’t be “erased” by laws that use only “he and she.”

But that’s not what this legislation is doing.  What it is doing is signalling to women that we shall continue to lose protections under the law.

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Sex is binary and fixed.  The term “non-binary” is a fiction that serves nobody and claiming that “he and she” are outdated terms reveals deep confusion about reality.  Those who are making up this new language are missing the point that:

  • Pronouns are about sex, not gender.
  • It is neither kind nor respectful to cater to the fantasies of the very young or very confused.
  • Language doesn’t change by brute force.

It’s not just pronouns that are under attack. It’s adjectives, too. Or rather, its word order in the English language.

Referring to fat people is mean (and obesity isn’t bad for you!), but referring to individuals as “people of size” somehow solves the problem.

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  1. Sorry, this government is living in lala land.
    I completely have disregarded them as part of my life!
    I do not care any longer about their mentality, illness rather!