Is it not suspect that PM Trudeau fired the head of the federal government lobbying commission on the same day the Shermans were murdered?

by Brad Salzberg 

March 12, 2023

December 2022 marked five years since Toronto billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman were killed in their home, and their son — Jonathon Sherman — has announced he’s adding $25 million to the reward set up to help solve the case.”

Upping the total reward compensation to $35 million dollars. Frankly, the total could be $888 million, and nothing will change in terms of discovery.

“Closure not possible until those responsible for this evil act are brought to justice,” claims Jonathan Sherman, son of deceased Canadian Big Pharma moguls, Barry and Honey Sherman.

Call CAP pessimistic, but based on the Sherman son’s comment, this murder case will never be resolved.

A run of media articles marking the 5th year anniversary of the Sherman deaths emerged in late 2022.  Not one of them references a critical piece of information: fundamental to the story is the relationship between Mr. Sherman, and the Liberal Party of Canada.

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  1. Turdstool is as guilty as the day is long. He like Hitlery in the US uses their power to get what they want. And, right now what he wants is to remain free and in control of Canada so that he cand destroy everything and everybody that does not agree with him and hs rotten agenda. There is absolutely no doubts in my mind that the Turd is responsible for ordering these murders and others as well.